September 22, 2023

TRNC News Today 27th May 2013



It was stated that the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce protested against the proposal of the European Commission which aims to make amendments on Green Line Regulations in order to ease the life of a group of Greek Cypriots. Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce stated that they sent the letter of protest to the EU Commission due to the EU not keeping their promises given to the Turkish Cypriots.

It was also stated that the letter of protest was signed by the President of  the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, Gunay Cerkez, and sent to the EU Commissioner Responsible for Enlargement, Stefan Fule. In the letter, it was stated that the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce supports all kind of initiatives which can ease the life of Stefan Fulepeople and increase the confidence between the two sides but the EU has not kept their promises given to the Turkish Cypriots who have been living under embargoes for many years that is why this unilateral initiative of the EU Commission, which aims to ease the life of a group of Greek Cypriots, cannot be accepted.

Moreover, it was stressed in the letter that up to now the EU has shown only sympathy for the valid demands of the Turkish Cypriots regarding Direct Trade Regulation, Green Line Regulation, Universities being included in the Erasmus Project, commercial vehicles passing to South Cyprus.

It was also stressed that good co-ordination was needed to make this unilateral initiative because it may raise doubts between the two sides and open ways for smuggling and lack of inspection.

Cerkez underlined that unilateral initiatives will not make any contribution to the solution of Cyprus problem.

The letter of protest was delivered to all EU member countries through the permanent representatives in Brussels and EU Ambassadors in Cyprus.


It was stated that UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon stressed his confidence in Special Advisor to Cyprus, Alexander Downer, who was criticized by the Greek Cypriot Administration.

According to the statement made by the UN Secretary General’s spokesperson, the UN Secretary General’s Chief De Cabinet, Ban ki MoonSusana Malcorra, and the Greek Cypriot Administration’s permanent representative to the UN, Nicholas Emiliou, met in New York on Sunday 26th May.

According to the statement, Malcorra stated that Ban had full confidence in Special Advisor to Cyprus, Mr Downer, and believes that the dinner that will bring together the two leaders will be realized in an appropriate manner.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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