January 27, 2023

Turkey offers pipelines!

By Chris Elliott

We can read many articles on the internet about the twists and turns in the progress or non progress of the Cyprus problem and it sGas exploration rigeems that no matter what proposals are made these, sooner or later it seems, are sided stepped by way of an excuse or counter proposal.

Now without doubt the the hottest potato in the Cyprus issue that no one seems to want to hold is the potential energy reserves that one community claims for itself without regard for the other community.

Now we read that Turkey is offering pipelines to Cyprus and we can only wait and see how the respective sides both local and international will huff and puff and just maybe we will see a sensible outcome this time.

To read more of this offer and the points of view, click on the link below to read the article on the Hurriyet Daily News

ENERGY – Turkey offers pipelines to Cyprus, Israel, Iraq.

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