October 2, 2022

Tulips Card Making Day

By Margaret Sheard

Carole King and Sue Tilt are always busy fundraising for Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) and their first card making event was Ozankoy Bookshopso successful that they decided to hold another one and this time it was at the Ozanköy Bookshop. This was again a very successful event and we have received the following information from Carole and Sue on how the day went.

We had around 18 people at various times throughout the day to help make approximately 140 Christmas cards. We would like to thank all the ladies and the one gentleman who turned up to help make another successful ‘Card Making Day’ for Tulips.

We would also like to thank Barbara Card makingBurton at the Ozankoy Bookshop and the ladies from the regular Wednesday afternoon craft day for inviting us to run our ‘Card Making Day’ at their premises.

The ladies from the Ozankoy Bookshop craft club have offered to help recycle some of our remaining Christmas cards at their Wednesday afternoon club which is a great offer. We are taking them up on it as we will probably not run another ‘Card Making Day’ until after the summer, as we feel that it will be too hot for many people during June, July and August to sit making cards.

Finished cardWe will announce via the media as soon as we have a date set for our next ‘Card Making Day’ later in the year.

The Association are in the process of having some small counter top perspex stands made to enable us to sell these cards at various outlets, the stands will hold approx 10 – 15 cards each and if anyone has any suggestions of where we could place these stands, we would be most grateful, or maybe if a business is reading this and would like to help then please call us on 0548 870 2281 or 0533 873 1693, alternatively you can email us on: tulipscarole@yahoo.com

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