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TRNC News Today 15th May 2013


 It was stated that the Commander of the Turkish Land Forces, Lieutenant General Hayri Kıvrıkoglu, arrived in the TRNC for routine inspections at the Cyprus Turkish Peace Forces’ Commandership and visited President Derviş Eroğlu, Speaker of the Assembly Hasan Bozer, Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Huseyin Özgürgün separately.

Speaking during the visit, the President referred to the Cyprus negotiation process and said: ‘We believe that Turkey will never allow for Hayri Kıvrıkoglu, Lieutenant General Turkish Armed Forcesthe Cyprus Turkish People’s rights to be lost at the negotiation table as long as the Turkish government’s and the Turkish Armed Forces’ sensitivity on the Cyprus issue continues’.

Eroğlu also noted that the Cyprus Turkish side is continuing the negotiations with the full support of  the Turkish Government, Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish Nation. President Eroğlu stressed that the visit of Kıvrıkoglu has increased their feelings of security and power.

In his speech, Lieutenant General Hayri Kıvrıkoglu emphasized that the Turkish Army and the Cyprus Turkish Peace Forces are the assurance of peace and security in Cyprus. ‘Our soldiers and our people are inseparable, and this will continue’ General Kıvrıkoğlu stressed.

Moreover, the Speaker of the Assembly, Hasan Bozer, reminded that the ‘Turkish Armed Forces’ have always been beside the Cyprus Turkish people in their struggle for existence. Touching upon the Cyprus issue, Bozer reminded that there are sine-qua-non criteria in the Cyprus problem and a common decision on not to take a step back from the Guarantee and Alliance Agreements was taken in the Assembly.

During his reception, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Huseyin Özgürgün, stressed that the 1974 Peace Operation brought peace, tranquility and welfare to Cyprus and also said that the ‘Turkish Armed Forces’ have great importance for the Turkish Cypriot people. 


 TRNC Prime Minister Irsen Küçük stated that the negotiations should be started without delay and said: “gas reservoirs in South Cyprus and water in North Cyprus form an opportunity and a starting point for a lasting solution and peace in the island”.

During his contacts, Prime Minister Küçük has also attended a round table meeting at the ‘Washington Institute’ which is a respected think tank organization especially in the Near East and Middle East issues.

Meeting with the experts who play an active role in the determination of foreign policy of the USA, the Prime Minister underlined that 2013 should be the year of a solution.

Küçük met with the representatives of some media organisations following the round table meeting.

Following his contacts the Prime Minister made a statement and evaluated the recent developments on the Cyprus problem.  The Irsen KüçükPrime Minister said that starting the negotiations was inevitable not only for peace in the island but also in the whole Eastern Mediterranean.

The Prime Minister pointed out that economic problems in South Cyprus indicate that co-operation between the two sides is needed. Evaluating the economic problems in South Cyprus and the political crisis with other countries around the island Küçük also underlined that Turkey is an emerging power in the economic and foreign policy issues in the region.

Criticizing that the Greek Cypriot leadership tries to postpone the negotiations due to the crisis in South Cyprus, Küçük called the leader of the Greek Cypriot administration, Anastasiadis, to revise his approach of “starting the negotiations after the economic problems are solved”. He also emphasized that a solution will be an important gain for solving the economic problems.

Pointing out that the opinion of the Greek Cypriot side to ‘unilaterally posses the natural resources around the island in order to solve their economic problems’ would create new problems in the region, the Prime Minister added:

“The Greek Cypriot side has refused the two proposals made by the Turkish Cypriot side for the sharing of natural resources. Moreover, it is not possible for the Greek Cypriot side to market the hydrocarbon reservoirs around Cyprus without Turkey. Marketing of these resources by using the pipelines through Turkey which functions as a bridge between Europe and Asia is only possible after a solution.”


<style=”text-align: justify;” align=”center”>Küçük pointed out that the natural gas resources in South Cyprus and the water from Turkey to North Cyprus must be a new Gas exploration rigbeginning and an opportunity for a solution.

Küçük also underlined that the negotiations must start as soon as possible and firstly the governance issue must be handled in order to reach a solution based on two politically equal States. On the other hand the Prime Minister stated that the property, guarantees and territory issues will be difficult to solve however they can be eased with ‘the exchange of property based on a two State solution and this will also solve the cost problem since it does not require any compensation.’


 Küçük stated that the guarantorship of Turkey is a necessity and the issue of guarantees can only be solved with an international conference by the participation of the 3 guarantor Alexander Downercountries. Küçük also mentioned that the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advisor to Cyprus, Alexander Downer, should increase his visits to the island in order to prepare the ground.

The Prime Minister also indicated that bringing some confidence building measures to the agenda before the negotiations will not be an alternative for direct negotiations and may also delay the process.

Expressing that the EU, which made the Greek Cypriot Side a unilateral member, is far from being an unbiased mediator the Prime Minister added that in spite of this the EU should increase her initiatives in order to motivate the Greek Cypriots towards a solution.


Stating that almost 10% of 500 patients examined in one day at the Near East University Hospital came from South Cyprus.  Near East University (NEU), President of Board of Trustees, Assist. Prof. Dr. Irfan Gunsel said that: “The Greek Cypriots, who do not even buy a bottle of water from the Turkish side, now entrust their lives to Turkish doctors.”

Evaluating the developments after the establishment of the NEU Hospital to AA reporter, Near East UniversityGunsel expressed that the Dental Hospital of the Faculty of Dentistry was established 5 years ago and added that the Greek Cypriots were getting dental health service as it was cheaper and better quality.

Stating that the Greek Cypriots were coming to the NEU to receive treatment as they did not have any Medical Faculty Hospital in their country Gunsel said that the Greek Cypriots mostly preferred to receive treatment related to heart and cancer diseases.

Expressing that almost 10% of 500 patients examined in one day came from the South Cyprus Gunsel said that the patients coming from South Cyprus still had hesitations.

Mentioning that there was no mellowing with regard to the relations as the patients came to receive treatment Gunsel said that the Greek Cypriots were pressurized not to come to the TRNC and to the hospital. Günsel said: “The pressure of the church on the Greek Cypriot people is also very high. Despite the pressure, the Greek Cypriots show interest in the hospital”.

President of the Board of Trustees Gunsel stated that upon the increase in the number of the patients they applied to South Cyprus to employ 10 patient counsellors who speak the Greek and English languages. However, because of the hesitations they have not replied yet.


It was stated that a Turkish Cypriot who had immovable properties in Paphos and ‘PoliHrisohu’ village in Paphos filed a case at the Greek Cypriot Court to compensate his properties’ for loss of use.

The Greek Cypriot newspaper ‘Politis’ published that last week a Turkish Cypriot who was a citizen of ‘The Republic of Cyprus’ and resided permanently for many years in Turkey filed a case at the Paphos District Court against FlagSouthCyprus

The newspaper highlighted that he claimed 7.5 million Euros only for his properties’ loss of use in Paphos.

Publishing that the Turkish Cypriot also demanded the administration of his immovable properties, Politis wrote that 19 people who were filed a charge against were as follow:

The Greek Cypriot Office of the Chief Prosecutor, the Greek Cypriot Ministry of Interior Affairs, Greek Cypriot National Guard, Greek Cypriot Ministry of Agriculture, Greek Cypriot Ministry of Public Works and Transportation.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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