October 2, 2022

 Bingo at the Ravine – April 

By Margaret Sheard

Monday 15th April was the first anniversary of the death of Rod Lloyd, and his wife Carole had asked for support at the monthly NCCCT Bingo night Rod and Carolein his memory.   A lot of people will remember that Rod and Carole ran the bingo sessions together for some 5/6 years as well as helping at other NCCCT events.   Since Rod died, Carole has continued to support the charity with the help of Mike Alican, another dependable  supporter and Committee member, and Mike drives Carole to and from the events and is the caller for part of the evening.

This month’s bingo night was especially poignant for Carole, being the first anniversary of Rod’s death but she preferred to carry on and still have the event even though it must have been a stressful day for her.  When we arrived at The Ravine in Alsancak we could see thMike Alican smlat there was a good crowd of people there which I am sure Carole really appreciated.  As well as the regulars, it was nice to see Sandy Oram and Win Smith and also David Brown and his wife who had all come to support Carole at this difficult time, even though they are not bingo players normally.

There were 30 players in total, which was good, and we all settled down to an evening’s bingo entertainment, despite half way through there was a terrific storm with lightning, thunder and torrential rain.  In fact at certain times it was hard to hear the numbers being called with the rain hammering down on the roof.  At half time we had our usual lovely supper of Fish and Chips which was excellent and of course The Ravine donate 5TL from each meal to the charity which is really generous.

There was the free raffle with some nice prizes and of course the mini Mars bars for the lucky winners of the bingo games.  The rollover jackpot was not won so there is 1,200TL up for grabs next month.

The total profit for the charity was 690TL.  Carole would like to thank everyone who rallied round to give her support and for the terrific result to boost the funds for NCCCT.

The next NCCCT bingo night at The Ravine will be 20th May.



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