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TRNC News Today – 16th April 2013


The 57th anniversary of the transfer of the Evkaf Administration to the Cyprus Turkish people was celebrated by a ceremony organized in front of Evkaf General Directorate Building.

President Dervis Eroğlu, Prime Minister Irsen Küçük, the Turkish Ambassador to Lefkosa Dervis ErogluHalil Ibrahim Akca, Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports Mutlu Atasayan and the officials from the Evkaf Administration attended the ceremony. Within the framework of the celebration a traditional Evkaf marathon was held which started at Anıttepe and ended in front of Evkaf Administration General Directorate.

Delivering the first speech at the ceremony Evkaf Administration General Director Mustafa Kemal Kaymakamzade said that the 57th year anniversary of the transfer of the Evkaf Administration is being celebrated with pride and the foundation is in respect for the past and it is a security for the future.

Evkaf Administration Chairman of the Executive Board, Isılay Arkan also stated that an historic day was being experienced. Today the value and importance of the transfer of the Evkaf property from the colonial rule to the Turkish Cypriots 57 years ago is being understood better.

Touching upon the importance of Evkaf the Turkish Ambassador to Lefkosa Halil Ibrahim Akca continued : “The history of Evkaf is based on a very old history. It is essential in our religion to co-operate and support those in need of assistance. The civilization of the foundation shows how healthy and strong the social structure is. Our past is a civilization of foundation”.

Prime Minister Irsen Küçük stressed in his speech that Evkaf is one of the most important values that was introduced to the Turkish Cypriot society by the leader of struggle for existence Dr. Fazıl Küçük.

Expressing that the Turkish Cypriot people had to be ruled by the British Administration for 82 years, President Dervis Eroğlu said that as a people who know what it means to survive under the British Administration, they were hoping that one day the Republic of Turkey would set them free.


Turkish Youth and Sports Minister Suat Kılıc arrived in the TRNC to participate in the opening ceremony of Economic Co-operation Organization University Sports Games to be held tonight and also to participate in a series of activities.

In his speech made at Ercan Airport, the Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports Mutlu Atasayan said that Kılıc has big contribution for the organization to be held between 16-20 April. Kılıc also thanked for the hospitality of the Turkish Cypriot People Mutlu Atasayan‏and TRNC Government and also expressed his respect for the Turkish President Abdullah Gül and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Stressing that this organization will be the first international sports organization in the TRNC that have many participants, Kılıc hoped that the number of the participants would increase in the following years. Thanking all sides who made contribution for the organization, Kılıc said that a total of 393 sportsmen from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and TRNC will be racing at the University Sports Games.

Moreover, adding that they promised to build 2 youth centres and 2 athletics tracks in the TRNC, Kılıc said that studies have been completed and they are planning to complete 4 facilities within this year.

Kılıc will participate in the opening ceremony of the University Sports Games to be held in Ataturk Sports Centre and leave the TRNC tomorrow night.

Underlining that the TRNC being an unrecognized country will not change the Turkish side’s viewpoint, Kılıc referred to the university students in his speech during a seminar and said that they see all Turkish university students in the TRNC as ‘international relations students’ and ‘ Honorary Representatives of the TRNC in the World’.


The 37th International TRNC Fair will take place at the Ataturk Cultural Park and Fair Ground on 7-16 June this year. Both local and imported goods will be displayed at the fair which is being organized by the Ministry of Economy and Energy.

The fair, at which social and cultural events will also take place, will continue for ten days.

The fair took place at the same time last year and 116 firms, associations and organizations from the TRNC and 34 firms, associations and organizations from Turkey participated in the fair. Last year around 60,000 people visited the fair.


TRNC Produce Association, TUK is going to participate in the General Assembly of the World Farmers Association which will take place in Negate in Japan.

According to the statement made by TUK the meeting started yesterday and will continue until 18 April. The membership of TUK has been accepted unanimously at the meeting in which members from 50 countries have voted. TRNC Farmers Association which is also been a member of World Farmers Association since 1998 is also participating in the meeting together with TUK.


Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) and Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry (TCCI) will arrange “International Career Forum and Fair of Turkish Cypriot Products” between the dates of 18 and 20 April.

The organization will start with an opening ceremony on 18th April at 10.30am in the Rauf Denktaş Culture and Congress Palace and successful businessmen from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkey will share their success stories with the students.

Moreover, a fair with the participation of more than 40 companies will be opened within the framework of the organization. Turkish Cypriot products will be exhibited in the fair. Also, nearly 20 businessmen from North Africa and the Middle East will attend the forum and fair as the guests of TCCI and they will meet with the students from their countries Prof. Dr Ulker Vanci Osamstudying in the TRNC.

In the press conference, EMU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ülker Vancı Osam expressed that EMU is a world university with international identity, international organizations, scientific activities and career services.

Osam pointed out that the organization is arranged, because the students feel it is important to meet with the business world in order to determine their targets within the framework of their career planning.

On the other hand, President of TCCI Ali Çıralı stated that they, as TCCI, make an effort for developing the university – industry co-operation and added that the organization is a step taken in this respect.

Pointing out that besides the forum, a fair where the local products will be introduced will be opened; Çıralı stated that they, as TCCI, invited businessmen from North Africa and the Middle East who have international exporting potential.

Source TRNC Public Information Office

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