December 2, 2022

British High Commission Presentation

By Chris Elliott

Zoe Woodward sml
Zoe Woodward

The excellent presentation was made by Consular Officers, Zoe Woodward and James McCamley and covered a very wide range of subjects and it was amazing to note some very simple and basic facts and actions that many of us fail to attend to.

Firstly how many readers have registered that they are residing in North Cyprus with the British High Commission? Have you filled in the details of your next of kin in your passport?  How many people actually notify their next of kin when perhaps they are going on holiday away from North Cyprus?

James McCamley sml
James McCamley

This is but the tip of the iceberg of their work. They spend a great deal of their time in giving support and advice to those that seek it. At the presentation they had a wide range of booklets covering passport services, emergency travel documents, and so much more and we hope to bring you more information in the future.

If you need to obtain information now, there is a new website which gives a wide range of information about Cyprus on :

Other points of contact are: Website: Blogs at


The British High Commission, Consular Section is in Alexander Pallis Street, Nicosia 1587, Cyprus with  public counters which open 09.30 – 12.30 Tuesday and Thursdays.

The office is open for telephone calls between 07.30 and 14.30 Monday to Friday.

Tel . +357 228 61100 Fax +357 22 861 200

The North Cyprus office can be found in Shakespeare House, Shakespeare Road (Mehmet Akif Caddesi Lefkosa). Telephone number 0090 392 228 3861.

The public counters are open 09:30 – 12:30 Wednesdays and Fridays

15 thoughts on “British High Commission Cyprus – How they can help you

  1. I need a list of the Solicitors who operate in TRNC and London for the purpose of making a Will in respect of TRNC Assets.I am resident in the United Kingdom

    1. Hello David
      If you do have property or assets in North Cyprus then a separate Will in North Cyprus should be made. It is common practice here to have the Will lodged at the courts in North Cyprus were it will be kept safe.

      For further information on Wills in North Cyprus maybe I can guide you to a link of Citizens Advice Cyprus who will be able to give you good legal advice on this subject. Please refer to their webpage for more information click here

  2. Hi I just received email from Deaf Man need help his belongings, phone, personal vital information in bag gone missing in Bus Station at Lissamol Cyprus he stuck there he need help from you what best for him to do please email me I will transfer email to him please help I don’t know what to do I just try my best I am in Scotland he in Lissamol
    Mrs Cuthbertson

    1. As you seem to be able to communicate with your friend in South Cyprus, in view of his problem advise him to go to the local Police and in turn they can help him to contact the British High Commission. You will find details in the article you have been reading.

  3. I have a British passport I got married in Northern Cyprus to my wife who is from Kazakhstan I want to bring her to England what do I need to do I have my own house in England and I have a job to

    1. Hello Mustafa if you are currently living in North Cyprus you can talk to the British High Commission which is in Mehmet Akif Caddes, Lefkosa and not far from the Ledra crossing.

      You should also look at this UK Government website for more information click here

  4. Hello I’m a filipino working at north Cyprus as a house cleaner . I have a boyfriend who is a British national living in limasol .we want to get married in England how can I get visa just to get married in England.can we go to turkey and apply visa for me at British high commission ? I have divorce papers from the south part of Cyprus granted by court there .what documents I need to submit ,how much is the visa and how long will it be process.Thanks cecil

    1. You are asking many questions Celio which we cannot answer But the British High Commision I am sure can and their details are as follows:

      British High Commission (North Nicosia Office)
      Shakespeare Avenue
      29, Mehmet Akif Caddesi,
      Nicosia, North Cyprus
      Telephone: +90-(0)392-228 3861

  5. I am British, got married to my husband in istanbul, he is Turkish, we live in North Cyprus and we just had a baby 3 months ago, need to know how to get him registered in the uk?

  6. I’m an international student in south Cyprus, can i travel to the UK for vacation by road with my student ID card?

    1. Renie we suggest you contact the government offices of the countries through which yo plan to travel and ask the question of them and what visas you will require

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