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TRNC NEWS TODAY 28th March 2013


A delegation from the Turkish War Veterans Association, Karşıyaka Branch made a series of contacts in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The delegation was received separately by President Derviş Eroğlu, the Speaker of Dervis-Eroglu LHthe Republic’s Assembly Hasan Bozer and Prime Minister İrsen Küçük.

Speaking during the visit, President Derviş Eroğlu emphasized the cooperation and solidarity that existed between Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

He said that the Turkish Cypriot people lived in peace and security in their own state established with the support of motherland Turkey.

“I hope that we will never again experience the bitter experiences of the pre-1974 era” Eroğlu added.

Also receiving the delegation, Prime Minister Irsen Küçük said that the joint struggle waged by the Turkish war veterans and the Turkish Cypriot freedom fighters had played an important role in the establishment of the TRNC’s borders.

He said that the Turkish Cypriot people will always feel gratitude to motherland Turkey and its veterans as well as the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the national cause.

The Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly Hasan Bozer who also received the visiting delegation shared the views expressed by the President and Prime Minister.

Bozer said that the Cyprus Turkish side is working to find a peaceful solution to the Cyprus problem and he emphasized that the Turkish nation will exist in Cyprus forever.

For his part, the Chairman of the Turkish War Veteran Association, Karşıyaka 2nd district branch, Halil Taşcı said that the veterans, who visited the island for the first time after 39 years, were impressed with the TRNC.

“We are very proud of the Turkish Cypriots” he said. 


TR Energy Minister Taner Yıldız stated that Turkey has decided not to work with the Italian Energy Company (ENI) due to the company’s continuing natural gas exploration together with the South Cyprus in the disputed areas which is against Gas exploration riginternational law. Yıldız also said that ENI’s ongoing projects in Turkey have been suspended . 

Attending the ” Wind Energy Workshop” at ATO International Congress and Exhibition Palace organized by Turkey Wind Energy Union, Yıldız answered the questions of press members before the workshop.

Stating that despite all of the warnings, ENI continued to be involved in oil and natural gas drilling off the coast of South Cyprus, Energy Minister Yıldız said that Turkey has decided not to work with ENI due to this reason and added that “ENI’s ongoing projects in Turkey have been suspended”. 


The Wall Street Journal published that the new relations between Turkey and Israel brought the natural gas pipeline issue to the agenda again.

According to the news of Wall Street Journal, Israel’s former Turkish Ambassador Alon Liel stated that the negotiations regarding natural gas have been continuing for a few months but both sides are aware of the fact that as long as the attack of Israel on a Turkish ship in 2010 is not resolved, they will not reach an agreement.

Moreover, it was underlined that the cheapest way to export the natural gas discovered offshore by Israel was with pipelines laid up to Turkey.


It was reported that after the economic crisis experienced in  South Cyprus, some people are trying to transfer their money in the banks of  South Cyprus to more reliable banks abroad but on the other hand, some people are taking their baggage full of  money to South Cyprus.

Greek Cypriot Politis newspaper wrote that recently “Cypriots” are making check-in and Euros loancheck-out at Larnaca Airport with baggage full of thousands of Euros.

The newspaper also published that 96 thousands Euros hidden in magazines was found on a person aged 30 at the airport who was going to South Cyprus via Athens. According to the news, the same person has also withdrawn his money from a Greek bank to keep it at his home in South Cyprus for fear of deposit “haircut” in Greek banks.    


The decision on freezing the accounts of the depositors and 40% tax cut as a result of financial crisis in the Greek Cypriot side of Cyprus is criticized by Russian experts. Russian experts defend that the measures taken will cause the deposits of Russian depositors between 18-30 billion dollars to remain in South Cyprus and also cause the loss of 4-5 billion Euros so they found  the opinion of establishing an offshore area in Russia wrong.

Teymuraz Vaşakmadze, the expert on business and managerial strategy in Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, expressed that the banking crisis in South Cyprus will affect Russian economy and its development. 


The first stem cell transplantation in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has been performed in Near East University (NEU) Hospital.

According to news of Anatolia Agency (AA), cardiologist of NEU Hospital Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ertuğrul Okuyan stated that stem cell transplantation is in demand in cardiovascular diseases in recent years and the treatment will be a ray of hope for many patients.

Okuyan said “It is proud for our University to perform the first cell stem transplantation in TRNC. In the next period, we aim to serve country-wide and also to the Middle East countries.”

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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