TRNC – The world is taking notice at last!

By Chris Elliott

Over this past few weeks those expats living in the North of Cyprus may have been bemused and a little bit concerned about the outcome of the economic calamities engulfing Southern Cyprus.

I have had, like many others,  phone calls or messages from friends and relatives overseas during the past few days concerned that we are Cyprus Mapall facing financial ruin and they like the rest of the world would be surprised to learn we are not directly affected as Cyprus is two separate states with two separate economies.

So perhaps the penny, sorry – the Euro, may have at long last dropped and the truth is out. North Cyprus is still here and is well, optimistic and planning for the future.

If our readers are pessimistic about this point of view then  perhaps they would like to click the link below and read a fascinating article from the Wall Street Journal.

Source : Wall Street Journal – 

Amid Cyprus Crisis, North Sees Its Moment –