November 30, 2023

TRNC – The world is taking notice at last!

By Chris Elliott

Over this past few weeks those expats living in the North of Cyprus may have been bemused and a little bit concerned about the outcome of the economic calamities engulfing Southern Cyprus.

I have had, like many others,  phone calls or messages from friends and relatives overseas during the past few days concerned that we are Cyprus Mapall facing financial ruin and they like the rest of the world would be surprised to learn we are not directly affected as Cyprus is two separate states with two separate economies.

So perhaps the penny, sorry – the Euro, may have at long last dropped and the truth is out. North Cyprus is still here and is well, optimistic and planning for the future.

If our readers are pessimistic about this point of view then  perhaps they would like to click the link below and read a fascinating article from the Wall Street Journal.

Source : Wall Street Journal – 

Amid Cyprus Crisis, North Sees Its Moment –

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  1. Good morning Everyone,

    I have been following the south Cyprus problem on the BBC World service. I am totally fed up with hearing from the reporters about the 1974 INVASION. This shows the BBC to be extremely biased. The word INTERVENTION would be a better word to use.

    This morning, I watched the report on the music event which was organised on the south side to raise monies and food for the needy in south Cyprus. A really good idea, I thought. Then they interviewed a young woman, who was all of 30/32 years. She quoted that the financial crisis was the worst event that had happened in Cyprus since the Turkish invasion. Where was she in 1974? This shows that Greek Cypriots are fed hatred of the Turkish Cypriots from birth. Sorry, I feel that there is no hope of a reconciliation.

    1. Thank you for your comments Carol, The more constructive comments we receive supporting the TRNC and Turkey the better, if we are to start showing the world what an unbalanced view has been given about the Cyprus situation for far too long.

      This and a number of other articles have been also published into North Cyprus Forum and The Foreign Residents in the TRNC websites plus links placed in Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Yahoo and we would like to thank all of those people who have placed comments of support in the relevant articles.

      Please keep writing you comments of support for Truth and Honesty!

  2. We are posting this comment of support at the writers request. This comment was posted in Linkedin against this article tag:

    David Harriman : “They cannot accept the fact that they through their own actions gave the Turkish Government no option but to, come to the rescue of the Turkish Cypriots to prevent a greater genocide. Where as Turkish Cypriots in General only wish to move on from now and put the past misdemeanors of the Greek Cypriots into the History books, Oh that is something else that the Greek Cypriots cannot be honest about in their own history books. Please please Turkey make us the 82nd province soon ‘

  3. The latest comments posted into Linkedin in support of this article and TRNC come from Chris Green – Freelance Opinion & Debate Columnist, Cyprus Star & Turkish Star of Cyprus Star Media Group (Star Kıbrıs Medya Grubu)

    Chris Green : The ‘dark-side’ of Cyprus never know when to give up. They represent the defeated entity following the entirely justifiable Turkish military intervention on July 20th, 1974 yet they seem to hold all the cards having successfully sold their ‘sob story’ to the world in the aftermath thereof. There are two entirely viable solutions to resolve the Cyprus Question which was, incidentally first posed in February 1879 when the Orthodox church first demanded Enosis (at one with Greece) to the then newly formed British administration following the establishment of the latter in July 1878 at the Berlin Convention. The solution options in my view are 1) That south Cyprus recognise the TRNC.
    Chris Green to continue, this would then lead to EU and then international recognition of this long overdue and justifiable injustice to Turkish Cypriots. Alternatively and arguably more likely, is that the ‘Cyprus Turkish’ entity will by way of referendum, become the 82nd province of the Republic of Turkey. There is no way that Ankara is likely to withdraw her historic and geographic link with Cyprus and the world, which includes south Cyprus needs to wake up, smell the coffee (Turkish coffee, of course) and work with this reality
    Chris Green Various articles of mine can be found on my website upon this subject, especially ‘Our Troubled Island’ in 6 episodes.

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