January 30, 2023

Television News from BRT

By Can Gazi

On Saturday 23rd March at 4.30pm my guests on my show “A Cup of Conversation” will be Mary Watson and Carole King.  Lesley Roper (the wife of the late George Roper) also came to the studio to lend support.

(left) Lesley Roper, Can Gazi, Mary Watson and Carole King (right)
(left) Lesley Roper, Can Gazi, Mary Watson and Carole King (right)

We will be talking about the 3rd Esentepe Fun Run in April. Mary, a member of the organising committee, will be giving us the details of the run. This year’s run will be in memory of the late George Roper, who was the driving force behind the first two events. The traditional fun run will once again be raising money for the Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips) and Carole, a devoted volunteer for Tulips, will be discussing the importance of Tulips and how to support their cause.

Watch with a pen and paper handy to jot down the details to the biggest annual fund raising activity for this charity.

(left) Engin Dervişağa and Soner Kıoufı (right)
(left) Engin Dervişağa and Soner Kıoufı (right)

On Sunday 24th March at 1.00pm Cyprus time, my colleague Engin Dervişağa has a fascinating interview with Soner Kıoufı about his book The Green Line – Holiday in a Warzone and learn more of his web forum “Kibcom”. If you would like to visit this web forum click here

Do tune in to Engin’s show “VOX POP” to find out more of Soner’s experiences and his fascinating book and also his web forum. This show will also be repeated on Tuesday 26th March 2013 at 1.00pm local time.

To go direct to Bayrak Family TV to watch these shows click here and if you want to learn more of Bayrak Radio and Television click here

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