February 4, 2023

Crunch time for the UNique Nomads

against the Pumas RFC!

Its heads down and straining bodies as the  heavyweight UNique Nomads go into a scrum against the growling Pumas RFC for that long awaited final match to decide who is the winning team.

Such is the intensity of the will to win in the Pumas and Growling PumaUNique Nomads teams that this promises to be a titanic struggle from start to finish. We said it could be like the “Thriller in Manila” but perhaps it will be more like the “Rumble in the Jungle“.

Be there to support your local team, the Pumas RFC as they take on the might of the UNique Nomads in a head to head at the Alsancak rugby pitch on Saturday 9th February at  2.00pm.

Ticket prices are 10TL (including a raffle ticket) or 7TL for those with a Members Discount Card. Free entry for children under 16.

For news of the Pumas website and club members discount scheme click here

By Chris Elliott

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