September 27, 2022

NCCCT Coffee Morning at The Savoy

Tuesday 8th JanuaEnjoying the coffee morningry was the first coffee morning of 2013 for the North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust and this was held at the very elegant Savoy Ottoman Palace Hotel in Girne, North Cyprus.   The room allocated by the Savoy was very large and there was plenty of room for people to move around and greet friends and acquaintances and look at the many tables around the edge of the room which were decked with many different items for sale such as clothes, jewellery, books, ceramics, handbags and home-made pies and cakes.Yummy cakes and pies

It was nice to see so many familiar faces and of course there were many Happy New Year greetings going around.   Angela Hasman (Chairman) and Pauline Collins (Vice-Chairman) were looking very happy to greet the people who had come to the coffee morning and also present were their loyal supporters, Mike Alican, who was on the door, and Carole Lloyd & Ron Brown with the raffle tickets.  There were some nice prizes on show for the raffle.

The Savoy staff were busy serving coffee, tea and cakes to the guests who then sat at tables to catch up with all the news from their friends.

Being so early in the Coffee and cakesyear there were not as many attending the coffee morning as usual but nevertheless there were around 80 people present which was a good number especially with some people still being away from the island and others who had succumbed to the colds etc. which the very cold winter has brought about.  The total made by NCCCT from the coffee morning was 1,775TL so a very good result.

Around noon Angela thanked the guests for Lovely raffle prizesattending and wished everyone a Happy New Year and then Pauline took the microphone for the raffle and I would think everyone was well pleased with what they received for their winning tickets.

So the end of the first coffee morning of 2013 was drawing near and people were beginning to make their way homewards, looking forward to the next event which is to be held on 12th February at The Rocks Hotel, Girne.

By Margaret Sheard

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