January 29, 2023

World’s Problems in the Streets of Girne

An Exhibition was opened in Girne city centre with the display of arts by the  GAU Interior Design 3rd Year Students.

The opening ceremony was made by GAU General Secretary, Dr. Sualp Davut, Representative of the Architecture, Design and Fine Arts FacultyA symbolic scene and Dean Asst. Prof. Dr. Hossein Sadri, Head of Interior Design Department Asst. Prof. Dr.Senem Zeybekoğlu and invited guest speaker of Friday’s Seminar of GAU architecture faculty member, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jakob Rigi of the Central European University.

According to the statement made by the Deanship of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts Faculty, the exhibition organized by GAU Interior Design and curated by Interior Design Lecturer Gülten Göze was intended to draw attention to the problems of humanistic and environmental subjects such as war, environmental pollution, global warming, disability, other discrimination types, obstacles against freedom and also for creating awareness.

The Exhibition was visited by different groups including students, artists, academicians, residents and tourists with great interest during the entire day as you will see from the pictures below.

For those that would like to read more of the work of GAU University and the  Architecture, Design And Fine Arts Faculty and the overseas opportunities for students, please click here


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