January 30, 2023

Arthropods in Cyprus

It’s so nice to sit and listen to a well researched presentation especially when it is supported by a good slideshow to give graphic support to the facts presented.

I have been to a number of presentations given by Keith Lloyd that I have found to be most enjoyable and with each presentation, I have seen the skill and mastery he uses in the preparation of his work to aid charities and associations, developed time and time again.

The most recent talk he gave was to a group of friends who regularly meet for a monthly lunch and this time hKeith Lloyd smle gave a fascinating talk at the Hawaii Restaurant, Çatalköy all about Arthropods. To you and me this subject covers creepy crawlies and things that flutter and buzz around you and their numbers and varieties are just too mind blowing to comprehend.

Here in Cyprus we have more than our fair share of Arthropods,  one which is the bane of my life and is a critter that buzzes around my head and nips me all over when I am preparing these articles.

So what more can I tell you of Keith’s talks and subjects, well they are most interesting and well worth attending and his next presentation on the subject “A History of Winemaking” will be at St Andrews Church Hall, Kyrenia on the 18th January 2013 starting at 19.00pm. A supper will be available and full booking details can be found in our weekly events calendar.

To encourage you to have a look at Keith’s great projects, we include a link below to a previous article we have written about one of his talks, plus he has kindly provided a small sample of his excellent research project about Arthropods.

These talks are also available for local North Cyprus schools and cover subjects such as Mammals, Fish, Birds, Amphibians and  Reptiles and further information is available from   keith_cyprus@sunnycyprus.net  

Read – “The History of Beer, all nine thousand years” click here  

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