January 29, 2023

BRS gives a Christmas Welcome

After a wet and stormy night, Saturday the 8th December started bright and sunny which was great because it perhaps encouraged many people to venture out and enjoy the day and the various events that were being held.

Down at St Andrews Church Hall, Kyrenia, many people were arriving  for the traditional 1 Grant Miles happy in his workBritish Resident’s Society, “Christmas  Cheer” event which has always been so popular. When I arrived there were many faces I already knew and many that I did not, but the atmosphere there quickly brought people together.

Greeting people at the door was Grant Miles, the Events Officer  and he seemed to be enjoying signing up members which was nice to see and next year we will hear far more from him of the new events BRS are planning.

I had a chance to speak with the Chairperson, Ann Challis and we 2 Ann Challis looking forward to the New Yearcompared notes and enjoyed speaking about our respective interviews on BRT – Bayrak Radio and Television shows recently and hopefully we will bring you more news of Ann’s experiences soon.

Soon I was having my breakfast of black coffee  and Christmas brownie and mince-pie served by  Yvonne Astbury the membership secretary and then I met many other people I have known from past association with BRS.

It was a really nice event with the Christmassy feeling where it was possible to meet friends, both old a new and ju3 Golden Duo, Carole King and Sue Tilt (right)st catch up on the local gossip and news.

Soon it was time to leave and in the gleaming sunshine I bought yet another  Tulips Golden Heart raffle ticket from those golden hearted girls, Carole King and Sue Tilt and why not if it helps someone, somewhere, some day  through the Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips). Now don’t forget this raffle has some great prizes and the draw will be in January so you still have a chance to buy your ticket and perhaps be  a lucky winner!

By Chris Elliott

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