January 29, 2023

The Royal British Legion – Kyrenia Branch

Annual General Meeting

On Monday 26th November, the Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch, held their very first Annual General Meeting   This was at the Deniz Kizi Hotel, where around 85-90 people gathered to learn what the first year had achieved and to elect a new Committee.

There were some major changes to be made to the Committee – Major Brian Thomas BEM was standing down along with Mary Hughes, the Membership Secretary and Pamela Padden, the Entertainments Secretary.  Anne Lloyd was a nominee for the position of Chairman which, if successful, would leave the position of Secretary vacant.   Keith Lloyd was also a nominee for the position of Chairman so there was to be a secret ballot.

Brian Thomas opened the meeting with the Act of Remembrance and the Branch Standard was marched into the dining room of the hotel by Kim Tyler accompanied by Mick Bone, the second flag bearer.   Brian gave a short speech, welcoming everyone to the first annual general meeting and said how proud he was that with a registered membership of 444, the Kyrenia Branch was the fastest growing new Branch in the world.

Mr Sabri (Steve) Abit Muhsinoğlu, the Vice President gave an address including a statement from the President, Sir Michael Graydon, and there then followed the Chairman’s annual report and the reports of all of the committee members.  The Vice President took over the chair to conduct the vote for a new Chairman and the ballot papers were collected for counting.

There was a short interval while the votes were being counted following which the meeting resumed and the results advised to the members confirming that Anne Lloyd had the majority of votes and was therefore the new Chair for RBL which received a round of applause from the members.    Following this Martin Derbyshire was proposed as Secretary, Lillian White was proposed as Membership Secretary and Janet Marsh was proposed as Entertainments Secretary, all were voted for unanimously.   The remaining members of the committee – Les Evans – Vice Chairman, Eddy Padden – Treasurer, Sheila Mawhinney – Welfare Officer and Poppy Appeals Officer, were nominated for re-election and there was a unanimous vote for them to remain on the Committee.

Brian Thomas took the chair again until the end of the meeting and there then followed the motions which had been submitted, there was a lot of discussion regarding these which were mainly of an accounting nature, one was accepted with the deletion of one sentence and one motion was not carried.

The new Chairman then took the chair and gave a short address regarding her forthcoming role.  Anne also advised the members of the next Branch Meeting which is due to be held on Monday 4th February 2013 and pointed out that this will be held at 7pm at the new RBL venue – The Courtyard Inn, Karakum.

It was quite a long meeting but a very poignant one with the departure from the committee of Brian Thomas who has worked so hard over the past four years along with Les Evans and others to arrange for the Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch to be accepted by RBL London and here in the TRNC by the Authorities, so this first annual general meeting was a very significant occasion.

The meeting closed and the Branch Standard was marched from the meeting room.

So, there is a new committee for RBL and I am sure there are many projects and events in the pipeline for 2013 for the members to benefit from or to enjoy as a social occasion.   Look out for details on the RBL website and also on this website in our articles and weekly Events Calendar.

By Margaret Sheard

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