December 3, 2022

What happened in Cyprus this past week?

There are probably increasing numbers of people watching the internet news threads to try to understand what the latest news is, of whether a bail-out package has been awarded to Cyprus.

This is the end of the two-week period during which the Troika have been in discussions with the Cyprus Authorities in Cyprus and the outcome seems to still not be clear-cut and the situation has been quoted on the internet with some interesting side stories. To read more click on the links below.

Cyprus Mail

Economic crisis has deepened racism – Cyprus Mail.

Cyprus Mail

Paphos mayor seeks to woo Chinese investors – Cyprus Mail.


UPDATE 3-Cyprus close to a bailout deal with EU/IMF | Reuters.

Market Watch

Beware the Cyprus domino – The Tell – MarketWatch.

New York Times

Cyprus Bailout Seen as Near, but Not Yet a Done Deal –

Cyprus Mail

Preliminary deal is struck – Cyprus Mail.

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