What happened in Cyprus this past week?

There are probably increasing numbers of people watching the internet news threads to try to understand what the latest news is, of whether a bail-out package has been awarded to Cyprus.

This is the end of the two-week period during which the Troika have been in discussions with the Cyprus Authorities in Cyprus and the outcome seems to still not be clear-cut and the situation has been quoted on the internet with some interesting side stories. To read more click on the links below.

Cyprus Mail

Economic crisis has deepened racism – Cyprus Mail.

Cyprus Mail

Paphos mayor seeks to woo Chinese investors – Cyprus Mail.


UPDATE 3-Cyprus close to a bailout deal with EU/IMF | Reuters.

Market Watch

Beware the Cyprus domino – The Tell – MarketWatch.

New York Times

Cyprus Bailout Seen as Near, but Not Yet a Done Deal – NYTimes.com.

Cyprus Mail

Preliminary deal is struck – Cyprus Mail.