May 31, 2023

Ankara Travel – Girne – Learn something about the company who will be pleased to advise you on all your travel arrangements. To read more click here .

Charities & Associations – News in Brief – Information on the results of charity events. To view click here: 

Children in Need Foundation – Winter Ball and presentation of new Minibus – Read about the fantastic night with slideshow and speeches including Mr Ersin Tatar – Finance Minister.  To read more  click here

Christmas came early to Bookseller in Alsancak – Getting ready for Christmas then perhaps you should see what is available at the Bookseller. To read more click here.

Dağli Sigorta- If you need to find out about insurance cover, this may be helpful.  To read more click here 

Events Calendar – Issue 10 – 15th November 2010 – See the range of events in North Cyprus during November and December to decide when and where you want to go.  To read more click here

Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services – Read about the Afternoon Tea Talk on 14th November with guest speaker Major Brian Thomas BEM.  To read more click here 

Ladies Lunch at Ilgaz, North Cyprus – A monthly private lunch with a guest speaker – read about the talk by Jacqueline Smith about her book The Other Grocer’s Daughter.  To read more click here       

Lapta Belediyesi 2nd Cycle Tour – On 18th November the Lapta Belediyesi  held their 2nd Cycle Tour, arranged by Berke Ertalopoğlu, which was a great success.  To read more click here 

Olive Press Flat Green Bowling – Newsletter No .2 – Read the latest news letter and put those special dates in your diary. To read more click here.

Phoenix Line Dance Club On Tour in Turkey – Read and hear more of the Phoenix Line Dance Club trip to Turkey. – To read more click here.

Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch – Remembrance Day 2012 – Read all about the event in Kyrenia plus pay a visit to the Royal Albert Hall. To read more click here

Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch – Remembrance Sunday Lunch at The Ship Inn– To read and hear more of this splendid event click here .                   

Sidestreets Arts and Culture – 5th Year – News of fascinating art and cultural events from Sidestreets. To read more click here              

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) – Christmas Dinner – Mountain View Hotel – Here is another date for your seasonal diary. To read more click here

Trevor’s Tips – Temporary Residency – Find out what it’s like to renew you residency as an over 60 years of age resident. To read more click here ;

TRNC – That was the week that was – 10th November– Read more of the recent events in Cyprus. To read more click here.

What’s the latest bailout news from Cyprus on 18th November? – Here we have some of the latest views of what’s happening. To read more click here

By Chris Elliott

5 thoughts on “Cyprusscene – Pick of the Week – 17th November

  1. I served in Nth Cyprus in 1957 -59 with the 1st Wilts. Who was responsible for an area from A/A to the West of Kyrenia
    Is there any one from the Wilts Regiment who was there ? I was in the S. Company stationed in Agirda and Aisa Ambrosia camps, with frequent visits to B. Co. in Kyrenia Castle.

      1. Yes I recognised the photo of the camp, and remembering wakeing up every morning to the mountain at back of the camp. On my visit (with my wife ) some 30 + years later.I filmed the very concrete base that I lived on, for over 1 year, and pointed out the very spot where my iron bed was situated. Many memories flooded back. Like where the latrines were, which was then only a hole in the ground,with a wooden roof over, so a wide berth was given to that area, as the remains of it must still be there, and we did not wish to fall in it after all these years I filmed much of the area that was left of the camp, but a lot of it is now being built on, so by now none of it will be left.. Ha!! to be that young again as we were then.

      2. Thank you for your comment, very interesting. I have written to you separately by email.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It is a coincidence because very recently I published an article about the Wiltshire Regiment in Cyprus which was written by Colin Hewgill. You seem to have served at some of the same camps too. I am sure you will be interested in reading Colin’s memories, click here

      Do you recognise this photo of Agirda Camp?
      Aghirda Camp

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