June 3, 2023

Well Done the TRNC Immigration Department

In Trevor’s Tips – October 2012, he wrote about the improvements made to the Immigration Department’s system and the ease with which residency applications are processed for the over 60’s.

I arrived at the appropriate building arround 7.20am and went to the entrance door and placed my name on the sheet provided. I had but a short time to wait and followed other people into the waiting area around 8.00am. A short while later two employees came in with the list and called out the names and we were all given a numbered ticket.

OK, in the past was when you had a long wait but not any more, by 9.00am my ticket number 12 was flashed up on the illuminated box and in I went to the office. I handed over my documents as listed by Trevor  and was asked how many years I wanted.

I asked for three and was given the maximum two with a lovely smile by the lady attendant and she gave me a paying slip and said “Go to the pay office and come straight back to me.”

At the door was another attendant who pointed out where the pay office was and in I went to be received with a big smile and received a receipt for my payment.

Back into the other office I went, to be received with another smile and after handing over the receipt, the stamp in my passport was signed and I was legal to stay in the TRNC for another two years.

Leaving the office with my application completed at 9.15am I went into the cafe in the Immigration building and sat in the patio and with a roll and coffee and reflected on just how much change had occurred in the TRNC since I first came here. Well done guys you are getting it right and deserve a big thank you.

For those that want to read more of Trevor’s Tips on Temporary Residency click here. What he said was factual and it was an easy and stress free experience to apply for residency.

For those that live in North Cyprus and think they can avoid getting a residency stamp, be warned the next time you come back to North Cyprus expecting a 90 day visitors stamp, you may be refused entry as all your details are stored on a computer system so there is no excuse!

By Chris Elliott

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