August 9, 2022

The 2013 Orchid Walk

At the time of the last 2012 Orchid Walk I was contributing articles to a local newspaper and went along to Çatalköy to report on the walk which was most enjoyable and I met so many interesting people who were taking part or watching the activities.

Minister of Finance, Ersin Tatar was also there for the 2012 Orchid Walk

We were delighted to receive news straight off the printing press “Facebook” which we are publishing below and I hope to meet some fellow volunteers who come to the meeting as detailed below.

“Dear Orchid Walk volunteers,

On Monday,  12th November, 17:00pm at the Sefler Pastanesi , Lefkosa we will  be holding  an introductory meeting  to discuss and share ideas as to how volunteers can help the organization of the 2013 Orchid  Walk  and also give support to  the Cancer Research Fund. We would be very pleased if interested  parties who would like to attend would register their intention to attend  by email to Rezan Fahrioglu at  or on Facebook.

Our needs are summarized as below. We look forward to hearing from and seeing  all the volunteers who think they can help and support us on 12th November, Monday, 17:00pm  at Sefler Pastanesi.

Our dear member of the Board of Trustees and the major organizer Sabire Camgoz will also be joining us as well at this meeting.

Thank you

Rezan Fahrioglu Yamaci



  1. Volunteers from all cities (Lefkosa, Girne, Guzelyurt, Magosa) who can help in selling tickets, hanging banners and organizing buses (mainly from Guzelyurt and Magosa).
  2. Volunteers on duty on the day of the walk, supporting the buses and acting as guides along its  route.
  3. Volunteers to prepare and distribute the balloons on the walk day.
  4. Volunteers to help on the stalls at the end of the walk.
  5. Volunteers to maintain the KAV website.
  6. Volunteers for writing, printing, publishing and distribution of information leaflets.
  7. Volunteers for preparation and distribution of free Newsletters (to be published twice a year).
  8. Sponsorship liaison officers who will actively get sponsorship and maintain our contacts and links with sponsors.
  9. Creative team that will constantly come up with new ways of branding, marketing, advertising our charity with a view of raising awareness and funds.
  10. Merchandise officers, people who will organise merchandise sales, orders taken by phone or selling through homes or at events, like Avon.
  11. Event organisers to encourage, organise and come up with events throughout the year..
  12. Press liaison officer advertising all our events on radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, social media etc.
  13. Volunteers to establish a database of our volunteers and supporters.
  14. Volunteers who could recruit supporters. This is where each person pays a fixed annual amount and becomes a supporter. It is a way of securing regular funding to continue our work.

– – – – # – – – –

So the first step is always the longest mile and I hope many people will step forward and help with this very necessary and essential project if we are to “Stand up to Cancer”

For those that are interested and want to take part in the 2013 Orchid Walk, we show below a slide show of pictures from last year’s Orchid Walk.

By Chris Elliott

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