June 29, 2022

“Friends” Social Evening

I am always pleased to hear from Janet Bartholomew, who regularly updates the activities of the “Friends” Line Dancers, a group of people who get together to form a friendship and do what they like best – line dancing.   They are very happy to show their skills at local events, such as the recent 60’s Night organized by the Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services and the Fiddlathon which was organized to raise funds for Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips).   See links 60’s Night and Fiddlathon

On 5th November, which is the traditional British “Bonfire Night” the “Friends” had a social evening and constructed a “guy” renaming it “A Lira for the Guy” instead of the original British “A Penny for the Guy”.  All of the proceeds from this evening will be going to the Donkey Fund for the Kozan Donkeys.  See link to previous article Kozan Donkeys.   There is a brilliant video of their dancing at the social evening and this can be seen by clicking Moves Like Jagger

Janet said the evening was a great success and no-one wanted to go home early, she said “these pensioners sure know how to enjoy life here in the TRNC”.    This is so true and with the amount of events to choose from it is difficult to find the time to fit them all in.

I look forward to meeting up with Janet and her husband, plus other members of the “Friends” Line Dancers at the Christmas Sing-along which is being organized by Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services at the Mountain View Hotel on Wednesday and Thursday 5th and 6th December.  See Events Calendar – Issue 8

By Margaret Sheard





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