June 8, 2023

London – A Halloween Happening

When I was back in the UK recently my son was telling me he and a group of friends were going on a Halloween Pub Crawl and they were making fancy dress for the occasion.

Here in sunny North Cyprus there are a number of Halloween events planned and we will be reading about the fun and games had at these events shortly. We have a very active social scene here but when it comes to mad cap events with perhaps a cast of thousands, it seems it all happens back in dear old Blighty.

What a shock it was today today to receive an email from my son who tells me he went on this Facebook inspired gathering along with many others and his group were stopped by photographers and film crews alike asking for pictures and information and they ended up being the Savile nappers.

They were even lucky to win third place for their costumes and looking at their pictures one can only wonder about what the winners looked like. To see more: Click here

Have a look at this link and you will see more of how the law caught up with Jimmy Savile as well! Click here.

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