May 31, 2023

NCCCT Bingo at The Ravine

Isn’t it always the way of things, the one time I was not able to attend the NCCCT bingo night on 15th October at The Ravine in Alsancak, and the jackpot was won. 

Carole Lloyd and Mike Alican have done a great job in keeping the bingo nights going each month throughout the hot summer months for the dedicated players and tourists alike and the jackpot of 1,200TL  had been carried forward for a very long time.  

At the October bingo night at last the jackpot was won by none other than the boss of The Ravine, Hasan Babac, who joins the players on a regular basis for a game of bingo.  There were 45 players that evening, the most there have ever been, all keeping their fingers crossed for the lucky jackpot card.

With the good attendance on that occasion, the amount raised for the charity was 1220TL so it was a very successful evening for the charity as well as Hasan.

The next bingo night is on 19th November and the new jackpot will be starting at 900TL so it is still worth making the time to go along a join in for an entertaining evening.   There is the chance of winning a mini Mars bar if you have a lucky line or house and there is also the free raffle plus if you have an appetite you can pre-order a plate of delicious fish and chips for the half time interval.   The Ravine make a donation to the NCCCT from each meal ordered so the more the better

Keep up the good work Carole and Mike.

By Margaret Sheard

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