December 6, 2022

Trevors Tips – NOVEMBER 2012

This month we have received from Trevor, some excellent TIPS, which if followed, may save our local readers loss of time and frustration when making their personal arrangements.

For more information, call Trevor on 0533 844 3403.


British Summer Time Ends

At 01.00 on the 28th of October, British Summertime ends. You will need to set your time pieces ONE [1] hour back, to fall in line.

This is important if you are flying out of the TRNC  on that day!

Permanent Residency

If you are considering the option of taking up the Governments offer of “Permanent Residency”, the latest compliance is: – In the full five years prior to your application, you must not have been out of the T R N C for more than 52 weeks collectively, otherwise your application will be declined.

Dagli Sigorta.

It was good to read in last week’s “Cyprus Today”, the article regarding house insurance. The article highlighted a need for prospective insurance customers to ensure their house policy is covered for flood/storm damage and internal water damage is also included. All too often, claimants find out when making a claim for water damage, their claim is being declined, because their policy falls short of what the customer thought they were purchasing. Policies written by Dagli Sigorta clearly states, claims will be met whether by storm damage and/or internal water damage and all aspects are clearly stated on the policy.

It is so frustrating to find at the time of making a claim, what you thought was covered, is not quite what it seems. When making your choice of insurance company, ask some searching questions on; what are you actually covered for, how will the company react when making a claim, and to ascertain their speed of response!

Through no fault of his own, a friend of mine had a car accident the other day. The time for repair is estimated to be three [3] weeks to complete. As the accident was not his fault he thought the third parties Insurance Company would make some provision for a hire car, if not for the whole time, but at least some of it. Alas, to no avail, the Company would not sanction any free car hire at all.

I sometimes come across people, who for whatever reason, decide that fully comprehensive car insurance is not for them, even though their car is eligible. The cost of car hire for my friend is £300.00, more than the cost of a fully comprehensive policy. I must add though, on this occasion my friend’s car was too old for comprehensive cover.

TRNC Border Control  

I am reliably informed; the TRNC Border Control is to tighten up on the amount of visa days issued. People who are going over the border to gain an additional 90 days in their passport, to avoid Temporary Residency applications, are under the false illusion that this will suffice.

The Law states that you are only permitted a maximum of 90 days in any twelve month period in order to remain here. In the coming months Border Control will start issuing 30 day visas instead of the maximum of ninety.

If you are a frequent border crosser [6 for example] they may even refuse you entry back into the Country, unless you have a valid Temporary Residency stamp in your passport. The Authorities are also scrutinising passports more closely, when crossing the border.

Of course, the over 60s are currently exempt if they decide not to renew their Temporary Residency applications, but this is only a “gentleman’s agreement” which could be revoked at any time.

Driving licence renewal

My wife applied for a driving licence renewal a few weeks ago, and because I was in Girne last week I thought I would pop into the Tax Office and collect it for her [ah].

Staff at the office would not hand over the renewed licence, because I had not got the receipt from when making the renewal application, or her passport. So remember to take either the receipt, or the appropriate passport when collecting the renewal. And it is me through the News Rounds, issuing information to readers, in an endeavour to help. Even I can make basic errors, “doh”. “Physician heal thyself”

Vehicle MOT

Our car is due for its MOT this month and as the car was having its annual service, I thought it prudent to ask the service station to organise it for me. A problem arose when the MOT Station requested the original log book. Because we keep photo copies of our documents in the car and the originals at home for safe keeping, the station would not complete the MOT until they were given the original document. I will know better next time! Oh no, not me, again!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Trevors Tips – NOVEMBER 2012

  1. This week, I renewed my Trnc driving licence and was informed that a 3 year licence is the maximum given to a “foreigner”, I must add that everything was completed within a week and the staff there were very helpful and understanding.

    1. Great news Stan! It is nice to hear positive reports from folk that they have found their needs are dealt with quickly and efficiently despite the language issues. Perhaps we can take comfort from this and many other fine examples here in North Cyprus that this is really is, a great country to live in and be proud of. We will copy your comments to Trevor so he can keep his records upto date and be sure to check for any future changes by the authorities.

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