August 11, 2022

Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch News

The following news has been received from the Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch which we would like to share with our readers:

“Believe it or not, the Branch has been running for twelve months now. In such a short time The Kyrenia Branch has achieved the acknowledgement from the London RBL Headquarters, as the fastest growing overseas Branch in terms of recruitment in its first year, than any other overseas branch currently in existence.

The Branch Committee has worked extremely hard putting together all the elements needed to make the Branch a success. It is no mean feat that the number of events which have been put on for the members have necessitated a great deal of hard work. The numbers of man hours the committee have put in makes full time employment seem like a part time position!

The website has been acknowledged by London HQ as the finest of any other branch. It is the most informative and well-designed that you will find in some of the largest most forward thinking companies throughout the world. RBL Web Site

The vast majority of the membership fee goes straight to London, which in turn is channelled towards helping the men, women and families who have been affected by wars and conflict throughout the world, protecting us and keeping us safe and free.

October each year is the subscription renewal time and it is to this end RBL have issued this reminder to those who have not yet renewed their membership.  Monies can be paid at the RBL Lambousa Saturday Market Stall, from 0800 – 12 noon. This year’s subscription is £16.00 (£4 less than last year) which can be paid in either sterling or Turkish Lira at the current exchange rate on the day.

The fee for joining members remains at £20 or the Turkish Lira at the current exchange rate on the day.

Please remember, a healthy branch depends on its members and it is you that will make all the difference to our success.  

Thanking you for your continued support.

The Kyrenia Branch Membership Officer

If you need any further information please call at the stall or e-mail the Branch Membership Secretary on:

 By Chris Elliott

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