October 4, 2023

That was the TRNC week that was!

5th October 2012 

Monday 1st October 2012 


TRNC President Derviş Eroğlu has completed his contacts in New York. As part of his contacts, the President met with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Eroğlu said Cyprus negotiations were in a gridlock and added “Talks are stalled because Christofias turned down our proposal to work out a time table for settlement and hold a multilateral meeting”.

President Eroğlu stated that Moon had tried to listen to both sides as he met with Greek Cypriot Administration Leader  a while ago. President also said Cyprus negotiations were in a gridlock after the Greek Cypriot administration assumed the rotating presidency of the European Union, adding that resumption of the settlement talks were not in sight until a new Greek Cypriot leader was elected in a voting scheduled for next February to replace Demetrius Christofias who announced that he would not seek re-election.

Responding to a question if he presented any proposal to UN Secretary General President, he said he presented a proposal on how to explore and transport hydro-carbon resources of the island and the proposal includes the appointment by the UN head of a mediator to chair a technical committee of Turkish and Greek Cypriot envoys.


The Minister of Economy and Energy Sunat Atun said that the result of the studies of the Turkish Petroleum Corporation realized at the Turkyurdu-1 Well is positive and they met the expectations of the ministry.

Expressing that Turkish Petroleum Corporation had reached the source which provides oil at Turkyurdu-1 Well and it was very important, Atun said that new seismic researches will be made on the shore and in the sea, and following the drilling studies which will be made in Guzelyurt, the main drilling study will start in the sea.


 The US Department of State’s Deputy Minister Responsible for the European and Eurasia Affairs, Philip Gordon said that energy sources at Cyprus offshore should give benefit to both communities in the island and the best way for this was a comprehensive solution.

Answering the questions of the journalists at the Foreign Press Office in New York, as an answer to a question regarding his meeting with Greek Cypriot Foreign Minister Erato Kozaku Markulli, Gordon mentioned his disappointment about the development of the Cyprus negotiations.

Moreover, Gordon added ‘if it is necessary to be honest, the negotiation process may be terminated as a result of the elections to be held in the South Cyprus. However, I underlined during the meeting with Markulli that USA is ready to do whatever is necessary to continue the negotiation process. I hope it will not be necessary to wait until the elections. If it is so, we will be ready to support a solution for the benefit of both sides’.

As an answer to another question, Gordon said that he discussed the dispute between the two sides about the energy issue with Markulli and added that a comprehensive solution can give benefit to both sides in Cyprus.

‘If you really want a positive vision for the future, you can imagine the development of these sources even their export to Turkey with a pipeline and Turkey’s getting benefit. So, a comprehensive solution is needed for the benefit of all sides’.

 Tuesday 2nd October 2012


TRNC President Dr. Derviş Eroğlu stated that Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a separate state and emphasized that there is nothing more natural than  submitting  those who violate military area and  our territory to the jurisdiction even if  they are Greek Cypriot policemen.

Eroğlu evaluated the arrest of 3 Greek Cypriot policemen on grounds of border violation in Akıncılar village and said:

 “They violated a military area and also entered into a Turkish Cypriot area with guns and they tried to assault our people in their area. Of course TRNC is a state of law and South Cyprus is a separate state and territory. Therefore, he who violates military area will be submitted to jurisdiction even if he is a Greek Cypriot police”.

Replying the question whether a meeting was held with Greek Cypriot side concerning the event or not, President Dr. Derviş Eroğlu stated that Greek Cypriot side knows the event, and they are informed that they are arrested and will appear in court.

Replying the question whether this event will affect the negotiations or not, Eroğlu said “No, these are normal police incidents and the authorized people in South Cyprus know that border violation is an offence”.

Wednesday 3rd October 2012


TRNC Minister of Finance Ersin Tatar stated that Annan Plan has fallen behind us and said “we work with Republic of Turkey in order to develop the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”.

In the statement he made during his visit with accompanying delegation to Governor of Malatya Vasip Şahin in Turkey, Tatar stated that development and progress of  Turkey have given the TRNC high morale.

Pointing out that TRNC has been established by paying a very high price, Tatar said “TRNC is a state of real resister people. But, of course Republic of Turkey has been making important contributions in their efforts to reach this stage. These contributions continue. What is important is the survival of the TRNC and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean. In that regard, we have to provide welfare and peace for our people with the economic program and with political relations with Turkey.

Tatar thanked to Turkish government for its solid support and efforts and said “Turkey is making attempts for a just and permanent solution to the Cyprus problem”.   


Three Greek Cypriot police officers who attempted to arrest 19 year old Coskun Alaslan who was working on his own field in the Akincilar village near the border with South Cyprus on Sunday were released last night after appearing in the Lefkoşa District Court and the Military Court. Three Greek Cypriot policemen were charged with the violation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) border, violation of I. Degree military zone, illegal possession of firearms and explosives as well as assault.

The Greek Cypriot policemen attempted to arrest 19 year old Coskun Alaslan who was working on his own field in the Akincilar village near the border of South Cyprus. Three Greek Cypriot Policemen one of them with a motorbike and two with police a vehicle followed Coskun Alaslan to his house in the TRNC.

The courts decided that fine is enough for the three policemen as they admitted their crime as it was their first time.


Yesterday, the crossings were obstructed at the Kermiya checkpoint because of a protest organized by former Greek Cypriot Deputy, Marios Matsakis and his group of protesters.

Around 14:00am, a group of Greek Cypriot people prevented crossings at the checkpoint by holding Cyprus Republic and Greek flags and thus mutual crossings were not possible.

It was stated that the action was organized to protest about the arrest of the Greek Cypriot policemen in Akıncılar.

Thursday 4th October


 Prime Minister Küçük met with the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday and discussed the problems of the country including the Economic Package which covers 2013-15 years, the issue of bringing water and electricity to the TRNC with pipelines and the problems of Lefkosa Turkish Municipality.

 Stating that during the meeting, they discussed the numeric program of the Economic Package which was planned by technical delegations, Küçük said ‘we have agreed on signing a protocol during the Ankara meeting to be held on 12 October.’

Moreover, Küçük said that they reached an agreement to prepare tender conditions of the energy issue and added ‘We are planning this together with water issue simultaneously’.

 Prime Minister Irsen Küçük made a statement following the meeting. Reminding that he found the opportunity to meet with the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during AK Party Congress realized last weekend, Küçük said ‘we planned before with Erdogan to meet face to face before reaching a conclusion on economic program.

 ‘We waited for the development of particular studies. Studies have been carried especially in the TRNC. Technical delegations and undersecretaries have been continuing their studies in Ankara since the beginning of the week’ Küçük added. 


The TRNC Tourism and Environment Ministry has attended the  “Anatolia Festival (Festival D’ Anatolia)” organized by “Association of European Turkish Democrats” between the 28th and 30th September 2012.

According to the statement obtained from the Ministry, Director of Culture Departmen, Nurcan Namsoy and Director of  Tourism Marketing Department Derviş Gezer who presided over the delegation attending the festival.

 Brochures introducing general and special interest tourism and cultural subjects were delivered in the 36 m2 stand furnished with visuals reflecting historical and natural beauties of TRNC. The Folk Dancing Group of Dr. Fazıl Küçük Turkish School in England contributed to the festival with their performances.


 TRNC President Dr. Derviş Eroğlu stated that they will determine a policy after the new leader is elected in South Cyprus and added that they will continue their determination for a time limitation in negotiations.

Eroğlu pointed out that he can readily state that Cyprus policy is in safe hands and added that the understanding of  “no matter what the cost, an agreement should be made” had been left behind, and said “No matter what the cost, an agreement should be made means to put the continuation of the presence of the Turkish Cypriot community on this territory at risk”. For this reason, I am not in an understanding of “no matter what the cost, an agreement should be made”.

President Dr. Eroğlu touched upon the Cyprus negotiations in the Ordinary General Council meeting of Kamu-İş.

 Stressing that it is very important to stand upright, Eroğlu said that he always stood upright while continuing Cyprus negotiations and took into consideration our people’s benefits. Eroğlu also added that a permanent solution is possible in the island if the realities are taken into consideration. ‘If the realities are denied and we behave more flexible, we may not find any territory in the future’ Eroğlu said.

Moreover, stating that Greek Cypriot side’s sine qua non is taking a big part of Turkish Cypriot territory and the rest of the territory’s to be used by their immigrants, President Eroğlu said ‘When I ask Greek Cypriots where the Turkish Cypriots will live, they answer ‘ If you send the Turkish people back to their country, the territory left behind is enough for you’. My answer to Greek Cypriots is as ‘the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative Downer is in Australia, I have relatives there. There are more than 100.000 Turkish people in the UK who are citizens of Australia. Can you send them back? It is not possible. In other words, if Australia cannot send the people back to their countries who gained citizenship and the UK as well, Turkish Cypriots also do not have right to send the Turkish people back who gained TRNC citizenship. We have no such a right to do this.’

Expressing that it is the dead time for Cyprus negotiations at the moment, Eroğlu reminded that Greek Cypriot leader Demetrius Christofias will not be a candidate for Presidential elections because he has no hope for a solution in the island.


A group of Greek Cypriot fanatics led by National People’s Front (ELAM) held a protest action at the Metehan check point. Approximately 15 Greek Cypriot protestors shouted slogans at the Turkish Cypriot cars and injured a woman driver in a Turkish Cypriot car by throwing stones at it.

Meanwhile the United Nations soldiers prevented crossing of the Turkish Cypriot Press from the North to the South Cyprus. In the protest group, the former European Union MP Marios Matsakis was also present.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office


No work permit, No work!

This week, most of  the influential English language newspapers in North Cyprus reported that there was a meeting at the Girne Department of Employment Office, to inform expatriates of the regulations governing the right of foreigners to work in the TRNC.

From what was reported, we highlight some of the points below and it would appear that there are four categories of permit which are given and cover foreigners who reside in North Cyprus.

Temporary Residency                       Permanent Residency

Student Permit                                  Work Permit

Successful work permits are granted after application by an employer to the Ministry Office for a  hopeful employee whilst they are out of the country. It is not possible to have a residency permit and work as well.

Recent months has seen great anxiety within the expat community by those that are trying to help charities as volunteer workers and it was stated that charity volunteers and entertainers may register with the District Office for a permit providing the charity/association is registered with them. At this time a limited permit may be issued providing the charity work is not permanent job.

As we were not at this meeting we feel it is inappropriate to report all of the facts published by others but for the future, as a community web site that is looking to help bring harmonisation between all expats and the country we live in, we will try to find out more information to publish here on these pages.

Remember for those well meaning readers living in North Cyprus who want to work, No Permit Work Permit”, No Work!

We have been warned and should take due note before the situation is clarified further!

 By Chris Elliott



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