May 31, 2023


 News in Brief

8th October 2012  

This page is to inform readers of the results of various charitable events and will be updated on a regular basis.

RBL would be pleased if anyone travelling to the UK and returning to North Cyprus  during the next  few weeks, could bring back, as a donation, some red, white and blue balloons which are needed for the Poppy Ball in November.  RBL have requested that if anyone can kindly manage to help, the balloons should be helium ready.

1,410TLwas raised by KAR at their Midsummer House Lunch on  26th September

 1950TL has been raised by the Ladies Darts League and was presented on 2nd October for the purchase of equipment for the children’s ward at Girne State Hospital

 7500TL was raised in aid of Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips) at the Fiddlathon in Girne on Saturday 29th September.  Thanks to organiser – Peter Martin for the 12 hour event.

 10,000TL has been raised over the last year in aid of SPOT


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