February 5, 2023

Çatalköy – Blaze in hardware shop

Margaret and I were out today and sitting enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend at the Village Kitchen, Çatalköy when I suddenly noticed a plume of smoke rising in  the air on the road down towards the Tempo Supermarket.

We both cursed our bad luck as neither of us had a camera with us so we were unable to record this, so we drove back past the scene which was opposite Supreme Supermarket where there was much activity and lots of smoke and flames with many people watching and the Fire Service crews and others doing their best to quell the flames and keep people safe.

Back in our office we started to compile our news and articles for today when we saw with great delight that someone had been at the blaze location taking photos and had uploaded these onto Facebook for sharing by others.

A quick check and we were soon speaking to Mark Rumbelow, a local resident who was at the scene taking these incredible action pictures and he readily agreed for us to share these with our readers on www.cyprusscene.com as can be seen below. 

Thank you Mark for your contribution and quick reaction to publish the local news.

For more of this event see the exciting video upload by Mark on Facebook click here 

By Chris Elliott

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