January 27, 2023

Fiddlathon for Tulips

Sadly, very often information for events can come through too late to give the various media a real chance to publish the information and if they wish, to do so in a promotional manner to encourage many people to attend.

We are pleased to be able to publish the following poster of the Fiddlathon Event which came via Facebook and is being held in aid of Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips). It  promises to be an interesting and entertaining event for all of the family so why not go along for the fun and lend your support to this very worthy cause.

As you will see this is being held in Girne Town Square close to the Municipality offices from 11.ooam to late. We have noticed a reference to this event by the organiser, Peter Martin and his web site is Fiddlathon and his telephone number is 0533 888 7454 for those wanting more information or perhaps wanting to help.

Read more about this event at Tulips Fiddlathon

2 thoughts on “Fiddlathon for Help those With Cancer Association (Tulips)

  1. The event went very well, Peter managed to keep going for nearly 12 hours, very tired at the end but in a good cause and we hope we have raised lots of money. Thanks to everyone who supported us.

    1. Great to hear from you, and no doubt all of the efforts from everbody involved will help the Tulips cause and we enjoyed ourselves. Margaret will write a new article about the Kamares Restaurant so all involved gert due credit . Its was also nice to meet you both and do please keep in contact and share your news in the future.

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