September 22, 2023

1994 memories of a North Cyprus Holiday through some lost videograbs

The year before The Fire of ’95 – if only I had known then what I know now

This Album of grabs from videos made over 1994 is, sadly, poor in quality but excellent in historic value. Not only are there some shots that show how wooded North Cyprus was back then, but others show how the country has in some cases changed and in others remained the same.

Dizayn 74 Pottery in Karaoğlanoğlu
The Büyük Han in the early stages of renovation
The Lefkoşa Municipal Covered Market

I have an enormous collection of photos of North Cyprus – both from holidays here and since living here – so it is not surprising that some slipped through the net when I was planning my albums to upload on Picasaweb. As a result of a recent check of my hard drive I found a mass of videograbs of North Cyprus from visits made in 1994. This Album is made up of just some of them. Obviously it is possibly to capture more shots using a video camera, when compared with the 24 0r 36 shots on a 35mm roll of film, so this collection is large. As we did not know if we would ever pay the North a second visit, we dashed hither and thither across the TRNC shooting video as we went. Some shots were made from Şevket’s car while on a short early visit across the Border from the South – hence the shots of the Ledra Palace Crossing point.

With hindsight, that includes knowledge of the terrific 1995 fire, I just wish that I had taken more photos of the forests and greenery around Kyrenia. Too late now … but it is great to see the replacement trees growing so well.

To see all the 458 photos in this Album please click on 1994 – The Lost Videograbs

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