January 30, 2023

A Birthday Treat at The Old Mill, Ozankőy

The 18th September was my sister’s birthday and we decided to have a celebration at The Old Mill in Ozankőy.  As her daughter was here on holiday it made a nice family party.

We had heard that the previous proprietors of The Old Mill had left and that Terry & Julie Baker had taken over.  As we knew of Terry’s excellent culinary skills from previous restaurants we thought it would be nice to look him up again and enjoy his cooking at his new place of work.  

We arrived to find Terry in the kitchen armed with knives and cleavers ready to start cooking.  He told us that he had moved to The Old Mill only two weeks before and that Lewis who had worked with him previously had also joined him.  Billy, who already worked at The Old Mill, has stayed on and he deals with the lunch-time bar snacks.

It was very pleasant on the roof terrace that evening and there were a lot of other diners, who had maybe heard that this was where Terry is now.   Lewis was very busy serving drinks and meals but I did manage to have a few words with him and he told me that he was born of a German mother and Moroccan father, his father had lived in many different countries and when he settled in Cyprus he was a tourist guide.   Lewis was born in Cyprus and as well as his mother tongue he speaks excellent German and English.

We had a lovely meal from a nice selection of starters and main courses but couldn’t find room for a dessert afterwards.  We ended up with a brandy and said our farewells to Lewis and then Terry who was in the downstairs bar area taking a breather, having finished in the kitchen for another evening.



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