January 30, 2023

Calling all Cars

Off they went with a cheer and a blast on the horn

I had an invitation, with my partner Chris, to attend a Night Car Rally which was setting out from the Onar Holiday Village on Saturday 1st September at 7pm.   When I arrived there were numerous cars of all makes and ages lined up with their numbers affixed ready for the off.   In all there were 27 cars participating in the Rally and they all looked so very well cared for with gleaming chassis and not a speck of dust to be seen.  

One car that caught my eye was a Morris Traveller, a car I had always wanted to own in my younger days, this car looked like it had just come from a showroom so I am sure many weeks, days and hours were spent in restoring it to its present glory.    Another was a Lincoln Continental, a huge vehicle which again was highly polished and gleaming like new.

It was not long before the cars started to line up to have their details checked and await the flag to drop.  Off they went with a cheer and a blast on the horn, some with a screech of tyres, others just purring away.  After all of the cars had been flagged off, we went up into the restaurant area to await their return and then have dinner which had been laid on for the participants and guests.

Some 2 hours later the cars started to return and the tired and happy drivers looked as if they had really enjoyed the Rally.   Then came a buffet of mezes, hot food and dessert and everyone tucked in to all of this delicious food.

Following the meal, the awards were made which consisted of model cars, from small to large depending on the award.  The awards were:-  the 2 youngest male co-drivers (one of which was the Morris Traveller; 1 young female co-driver; then a junior co-driver; The Spirit of the Rally saw 2 awards and there was also a team award (4 people);  Ladies Runner-up and Winners (2 Russian ladies);  First Time Entrant; Family Group; Category E and Oldest Car Runner-up (Citroen) and Winners; Category F Winners; Category G Runner-up and Winners; General Category Winners; and Rally Champion.

Tamer Konut, who was one of the founders of the Classic & Sports Car Club of North Cyprus, thanked everyone who had participated in the Night Rally and hoped they had enjoyed it as well as the spectators who had come to support them.   Tamer hopes that they will be able to organise another Rally in the near future.

Keep visiting this page to see the slide show shortly.

By Margaret Sheard


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