January 27, 2023

K9 Country Kennels

New boarding kennels in Kaplica

I recently met Rose Bastow who, together with Suzanne Fehmi, opened a new boarding kennels in Kaplica last February and named it K9 Country Kennels.

K9 is situated in a large valley below Kantara Castle in Kaplica.   While your pets are with K9 there is a 24 hour coverage, so your precious pets will not feel abandoned and forgotten.   At the moment they only cater for dogs, but they aim to build a Cattery next year.   Their main priority at the moment is to increase their facility for the dogs by building a further 10 kennels.  At the moment there are 18 kennels which can cater for around 42 dogs.

Your pet will be walked twice daily in the beautiful rural country side.  Staff are on site 24 hours a day, to supervise and care for your pets and are available to take your pets to the vet if they are on any treatments.

There is long term boarding for preparation for travel if required.

Suzanne was the Manager of the Animal Rescue Centre for 5 years where she supervised the care of hundreds of dogs and up to 60 cats.  Her love for dogs did not stop at work and quite often she brought sick animals home and cared for them through the night.

Rose, also worked at the Rescue Centre looking after the dogs and cats.  Rose has completed a City & Guilds course in the UK on nutrition for dogs & cats and she worked in the retail trade in a large pet store again in the UK.


  1. One Dog per Night                            20tl
  2. Two Dogs Sharing per Night           35tl   
  3. Three Dogs Sharing per Night        45tl       Family Kennel
  4. Four Dogs Sharing per Night          60tl       Family Kennel

 Pick Up and Return

  1. From     Girne                                     35tl
  2. From     Alsancak                               40tl
  3. From     Lapta                                     45tl
  4. Trips to Vets in Girne                       35tl

 Other Services

Dog Grooming                                          55tl                                 

Pet Cemetery                                           250tl

A tree of your choice will be planted on the grave for remembrance.

K9’s aims are to increase the size of the kennels, add more exercise areas, plant trees and add a cattery.

Directions to the Kennels

From Girne it is about a 50 minute drive.  Head towards Esentepe and keep on the main road until you reach a T junction, turn LEFT towards Tatlisu, over the small roundabout and carry on.  About 20 minutes past the roundabout you will arrive at Kaplica Hotel.  K9 advise people to telephone once they reach the hotel and they will come and collect you.  They also do a pick up and return service.

K9  have some beautiful strays here is some information about 2 of them, both are looking for a permanent home.

Lucy – a cross greyhound, 7 years old.  She has an EU passport ready to go.

 Red – an English Setter – very happy dog.

For further information about boarding or homing a stray: email:  k9kennels@hotmail.co.ukor  Telephone:  0533  883  3366

By Margaret SHEARD

2 thoughts on “K9 Country Kennels, Kaplica

  1. Please can anyone help me my beautiful uk springer spaniel died today I’m heartbroken an want her at a cemetery I have to let vet know by tomorrow please if anyone can help me.

    1. So sorry about your loss, I can understand how you must be feeling. I have passed your comment to K9 Country Kennels and they have confirmed they will be contacting you by email. In the meantime this is their telephone number if you want to make contact by phone. 0533 88 333 66

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