December 5, 2022

Cycle Cyprus Challenge – Day 4 

Episkopi to Polis

It’s Day 4 of the Cycle Cyprus Challenge, tomorrow will be the final leg of this epic journey finishing at Escape Beach Club, Kyrenia around 3pm.   It would be lovely if there was a large crowd of people to cheer the team back to their starting point after cycling the whole way around the island of Cyprus.   I have now learned that someone is in fact trying to arrange a busload of people to be there so that will be good.   It would also be nice if some people from the North also made a point of giving an hour or so of their time to cheer the team on their arrival.    I have checked the fund status and it has now reached £2,574.63 (103%) so the team has achieved their original target.  Maybe they can double it!

Elysia’s Diary

Day 4 Episkopi to Polis

53km done, it’s not even 09.30 – Day 4 people, and although exhausted we are still going strong.

Note: A message was received via Facebook during the day from a lady who wants to arrange for a busload of people to be there at the finish to welcome the team.   Following is Elysia’s message in response to this:-

Hi guys! It’s really hard to gauge a finishing time for tomorrow with the climbs we have and also how everyone will be feeling but I’m aiming on about a 15.00hr finish. 14.30 would be brilliant but I think it will be more like 15.00. Thank you so much for your support, a few people to welcome us home would be awesome. All shattered but still on target with only 1 day to go, it’s been a team effort and everyone has done incredibly, so, so chuffed!  Looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow

Day 4 complete! After 109km with 2 horrific climbs we have reached our day 4 destination in Polis. Team work has got us through the last 2 days and everyone has put in 100% to keep the team going. The climbs today in the heat were tough with one lasting 12km reaching 1600m above sea level. An incredible achievement so far, smashing our fund raising target and testing ourselves to the limits. 1 day to go now, we are aiming to finish for 15.00 tomorrow at Escape beach but if we are lucky we could get there by 14.30. Keep the sponsorship and support coming in guys, the support has helped keep us going!

By Margaret Sheard

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