February 5, 2023

Localmar comes to town!

Times are changing with signs of great things to come in the future and when I visited Localmar recently I was very impressed to see how the old Astro store in Girne had been transformed with a complete facelift plus installation of very smart and efficient check out stations manned by really helpful and friendly staff.

The brand new gondolas and display cabinets were filled with a very wide range of goods with almost military precision and they looked so smart and the products very appealing. This Localmar supermarket is a new venture by Levent Foods Ltd which also incorporates the Lemar chain of supermarkets.

This new Localmar supermarket heralds a new and additional concept where there will be some new and exclusive product lines which will be offered at very competitive prices so a visit is worthwhile to see how you can fill that weekly shopping basket. In addition there will be the opening of a restaurant in the next few weeks.

There is far more to tell about future developments within the Levent Foods Group and we will tell you about this exciting venture in a new article soon.

By Chris Elliott


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