Tag: Independence Day

European University of Lefke celebrates Ghanaian Independence day

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….. As part of cultural activities of the European University of Lefke, the Ghanaian independence day was celebrated  at the University recently. The event themed “Ghana Independence Day” aimed at Ghanaian students receiving education at EUL. Several shows accompanied by cultural music were performed during the […]

What’s New on BRT2 Television 19/09/2015 – National Association Of Nigerian Students

Television News from BRT2 with  National Association Of Nigerian Students   By Can Gazi……. A Cup Of Conversation is hosting members of the National Association Of Nigerian Students (NANS). President of NANS Dr. Samsun Oluwaseun, Vice President Justin Dafevwakpo and Ex-Officio Ifeoma Onuike will be talking about this […]

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