European University of Lefke celebrates Ghanaian Independence day

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…..

As part of cultural activities of the European University of Lefke, the Ghanaian independence day was celebrated  at the University recently. The event themed “Ghana Independence Day” aimed at Ghanaian students receiving education at EUL. Several shows accompanied by cultural music were performed during the event.

Various video film shows about the cultural characteristics of Ghana took place at the event which was held with intense participation at the EUL Centre of Social and Cultural Activities. In addition to the introduction of traditional dishes, Ghanaian students in special folkloric clothes celebrated their national day with enthusiasm by singing and dancing with specific music of their country.

Some of the Ghanaian students of the university expressed their sentiments on the occasion, as under:

Kofi Bansah: I am a first-year student at the Department of New Media and Journalism. The event was very nice and made us feel like we were in our home. It is exciting and beautiful to remember our culture and feel the feelings of our country. I was thrilled to find the opportunity to introduce our culture to other students. It is very nice to learn other cultures in the university. I recommend all students to participate in such events.

Sybill Ama El-Sabooth: I’m a second-year student at the Department of Business Management. I was very happy that our university had given us such a chance to introduce our country, culture, food and dances to our other student friends. I would like to thank EUL for supporting us.

Oswald Yaw El-Sabath Osward: I am a second-year student at the Department of New Media and Journalism. The event was very nice. I feel very happy about being able to celebrate our independence day at EUL.

Genevieve Selorm Afi Anyatqoah: I am a 4th year student at the Department of International Relations. I am very happy to celebrate the day of independence in our campus and I am so grateful.