December 4, 2023

Girne Environmental Protection Plan Published

The Girne Environmental Protection Plan Amendment Proposal, prepared in cooperation with Girne Municipality, City Planning Department, Department of Antiquities and Museums, and the High Council of Monuments, has been completed. Covering the Girne Municipality, Lower Girne, and Upper Girne including the Old Port the Castle and its surroundings, the Turkish Quarter urban conservation areas and its immediate surroundings, the plan was prepared under Article 12 (2) of the 55/1989 Zoning Law, under the title ‘Girne Conservation Environmental Plan Amendment Proposal’.

According to the statement made by Girne Municipality, it was noted that a meeting will be held in Girne at The Arkın Colony Hotel Conference Hall on Tuesday, November 7, between 09:00 and 12:30, to inform the relevant parties about the proposal. The meeting, which will be held to receive the opinions of relevant government institutions, professional chambers, non-governmental organizations, university and political party representatives, and the public and to provide information, is called a ‘Public Participation Meeting’.

The statement also stated that the ‘Girne Protection Environmental Plan Amendment Proposal’ report and its attached maps will be available for 42 days (until 18 December 2023) as of Tuesday, November 7, for the opinions and suggestion reports to be made about it.  It will be posted on, websites and in the Girne Municipality New Service Building and City Planning Department.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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2 thoughts on “Girne Environmental Protection Plan Published

  1. I have just spent 10 days in Girne, staying at Arkan Colony Hotel with a view to buy a retirement villa in Bellapais. Great potential but found great waste! For example, we have the instruments of governance but terrible implementation. Some examples, pavements & steps built at random heights, rubbish tipping with no way to punish offenders, smoking even in non smoking areas, forest areas trashed …. The list is endless. As a TC I want the place to exceed European standards & service delivery; to be proud and promote TRNC. In my experience it’s all about proper management. It’s surprisingly how easy to deliver the best as long as the 3 key areas are addressed seriously;
    1. Law
    2. Service delivery (Operations)
    3. Education – carrot & stick (good citizenship)

    I hope more TCs retire to NC bringing in money, ideas and volunteer to help.

    1. Thanks Mustafa, I don’t think anyone here would disagree with you. It all starts with the people. If they are proud of their country they will make it better and better. Otherwise – it’s going to be trashed in every way.

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