December 8, 2023

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My name is Melek Cella, I graduated from The University of Greenwich, England, with a Foundation Degree (FDA) in Professional Writing, and a Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in Creative Writing. I have been writing in English in England since 2004. In addition to my short texts, I have published Books in English, and in addition to those in my name, I also published under the pen name Melanıe Cox.

All my publications are;

Cypriot Barbecue Delights and Side Dishes ISBN: 9781434322975, The Split Personality of a Young Girl— A Memoir written with short stories and poems ISBN: 9780755213818,

Dark Versus Light—Poetry Book ISBN: 9781492387756, Roses Come With Thorns Wise Quotes Book of Quotes ISBN: 9781080083855.

All these books are available on

These books are also available on and 

Through my knowledge and experience, I am here with CyprusScene weekly to share recipes, poems, and quotes, and do my best to listen to any problems you need advice for and you can reach me through the contact box below.

Thank you

To My Dear Brother 

 Mücahit Arnavut 


Your silent walk  

Your decision making  

Subject turns into gold. 

Every time you share an idea. 

You had a compassionate heart 

A peaceful demeanor 

And a calming spirit  

That gave people confidence. 

You were the one to lift everyone up  

Supported everyone you saw. 

You were friends from young to old. 

You taught compassion to those who did not know. 

You said that value of life is not money but people. 

How happy I am 

That I come to this world as your sister 

It is an honor  

To be able to walk in your footsteps. 

The above poem can also be read in Turkish on Kibris Gazetesi

For technical and living information about Northern Cyprus please go to infonorthcyprus but if you would like to ask me a question please do so through the contact box below


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