December 6, 2023

Three different events took place on Thursday during the ‘Girne Arkın Group Fest 23’ which attracted the public’s appreciation with a full program on Thursday night. Girne buzzed with culture and art with three different events held during the day. The first event of Thursday, September 21 was the 1st International Mus-Art Symposium, which opened on September 20 and will continue until September 27. Then, the ‘Gastro Show Interview and Tasting Event’, which started at 17:30 at the Girne Art Gallery, came to life, while the final event of the night took place at 21:00 at the Girne Amphitheatre, with the play named Rumuz Goncagül staged by the Turkish State Theatres.

The Museums Art Symposium

The symposium, which continues within the scope of the 1st International Museum Art Symposium, which was held for the first time this year, continues with the participation of 18 painting, sculpture and ceramic artists from Northern Cyprus, Turkey, Kosovo, Jordan, Belgium and Albania. The symposium, which will continue until Tuesday night, September 27, accepts visitors every day at 18:00. The International Museums and Art Symposium ends with the exhibition to be held on Thursday, September 28, at 18:00, at the Girne Municipality New Service Building.

‘Gastro Show Interview and Tasting Event’

‘Gastro Show Interview and Tasting Event’, the first leg of ‘Gastro Show Girne’, which was held for the second time this year, came to life at Girne Art Gallery. At the event, which took place between 17:30 and 20:30 and was moderated by Girne Municipality Deputy Director and Food Engineer Naile Soyel, a wide-ranging conversation about wine took place with Tourism and Wine Instructor Cem Tilki. Zekai Altan (HCIMA), an expert in gastronomy, was also among the participants at the event. At the end of the conversation, the participants had a wine tasting.

Great interest in Rumuz Goncagül

The last event of the night was the play called Rumuz Goncagül, staged by the Turkish State Theatre. There was great interest in the play, which was staged at Girne Amphitheater at 21:00. Oktay Arayıcı, one of the important writers of Turkish theatre, was watched in his play Rumuz Goncagül, interpreting the stuckness of “Women” trying to solve their name, existence and helplessness under the influence of the changing social structure and economic life in the late 70s, from the world of a contemporary medium play.

Saturday Santana Tribute Band

‘Girne Arkın Group Fest 23’ continued its third week to the fullest. On the fifth day of the week, Friday, September 22, visitors met the ‘Gastro Show Cyprus Wine and Vineyard Products Tasting Event’ at 17:00 in Ramadan Cemil Square. At 20:30, Dr. Deniz Sever’s Piano Recital took place in Ramadan Cemil Square.   On Saturday, September 23, the ‘Wine Fest’ special event, ‘Santana by Latin Power Tribute Band’ concert, was scheduled to meet music lovers at Girne Amphitheatre at 21:00.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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