October 1, 2023

Girne Municipality and the Revolutionary Trade Unions Federation (Dev-İş) signed a collective bargaining agreement covering the period from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023. The signing ceremony was attended by Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul, Dev-İş President Koral Aşam, Devrimci Genel-İş Sendikası General Secretary Hasan Felek, Girne City Council members, Girne Municipality executives, and union representatives.

Commenting that municipalities are places where labour and manpower are used most intensively, Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul underlined that the happiness and peace of workers are reflected in the quality of service to citizens. In this sense, Şenkul said that they evaluated the demands of the union representatives and the economic structure of Girne Municipality on a common scale, taking into account the conditions of the country. He emphasized that they are committed to creating better conditions.

Şenkul underlined that it is necessary to mention the issue of Bel-Paz employees, noting that there are many Bel-Paz employees affiliated with the union and that the rights of these employees are also being improved day by day, with the aim of ensuring institutional equality. Reminding that the improvement of conditions is entirely based on economic factors, Şenkul said that employees should strive to provide the best service at this point. He stated that the satisfaction of citizens will increase with the efforts shown and that this will also return to the municipality as an economic contribution.

Şenkul also added that his acquaintance with Dev-İş was thanks to the late President Mehmet Seyis, one of the former presidents (of Dev-İş). He recalled that he was with Seyis in the same procession before the Annan Plan and during the solution process, and ended his words by remembering Mehmet Seyis, who passed away recently.

Devrimci İşçi Sendikaları Federasyonu (Dev-İş) President Koral Aşam, stated that they have been linked with Girne Municipality for many years, and said that the bond between them and the Girne Municipality Personnel is quite strong in this sense. Emphasizing that they have been working with the municipal administrations in a common understanding for all this time, Aşam reminded that these works were carried out in order to protect the rights of the employees in the best possible way. Aşam, who drew attention to the difference of the collective bargaining agreement signed today, emphasized that this agreement ensured the formalization of the conditions of occupational safety in a regulation. Expressing his wish that this step will be an example for all municipalities, Aşam thanked the Girne Mayor and all individuals who carried out the work in this context.

In addition to the information noted here are some additional details.

The new collective bargaining agreement includes a number of improvements for Girne Municipality employees, including wage increases, new benefits, and improved working conditions.  One of the most significant changes is the formalization of occupational safety conditions in a regulation. This will help to ensure the safety of employees and reduce the risk of accidents.  The signing of the new collective bargaining agreement is seen as a positive development for both Girne Municipality employees and the municipality its staff.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality.

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