September 30, 2023

By Heidi Trautmann….

For many years now I have been following the events in Vounous – and before in Akdeniz where it all started. They have received worldwide attention and respect and international ceramic artists, historians and archaeologists come to witness and learn for 14 days about the past and the techniques being used for incredible and beautiful artworks. For this year’s symposium Rauf Ersenal, the Head of the project is expecting about 70 participants from countries such as Ireland, Italy, Latvia, USA, France, Germany, Iran, Turkey, and North Cyprus, and more applicants are still coming in. I attach here my text from last year with some detailed information.

I share with you here the programme set up for the participants but it shows best what is being done during the days of the Symposium. Working hours will start in the afternoon. Visitors are welcome. During the Symposium I shall visit Vounous several times and will report from there with photos. I also attach the list of the participants and I realize that we have an increased number of our own ceramic artists taking part. I am looking forward to meeting them and seeing their work.

I trust that you will not miss the opportunity to be witness when the curtain to the past of the island is opened for you to have a glimpse of its history, culture and beautiful artworks.


Date : 1- 16 September 2023

Time : 17.00-22.00

Place : Vounous Symposium Area – ÇATALKÖY- Kyrenia /Girne


-Ceramic production workshop in a modern understanding, inspired by the 5,000-year-old ceramic heritage, nature and stories relevant to Vounous;

-Firing techniques and application of the ceramics of the Bronze Age red polished ceramics as well as the ones imported from Mycenaean, Etruscan, Ancient Hellenistic, and Roman ceramics.

-Application of Bronze melting and casting techniques in the primitive techniques.

-Workshop for glass bead making in the primitive technique.

-Workshop for preparing and application of lusterware.

-Firing Raku ceramics.

-Academic proceedings.

-Screening of the documentary “Seed” about the period

-Exhibition of the Products of the Workshops.


To generate an awareness of Vounous antique site and to ensure that the works to be produced in the workshops are presented to the public in Çatalköy with open to the public exhibition. To introduce the inherited works to the ceramic lovers, to teach the techniques to the participants of the symposium by encouraging their reproduction, to ensure the protection of our cultural heritage of Çatalköy,

Organisers: Çatalköy Municipality

Ceyhun Kırok: / Mayor of Çatalköy Municipality

Project Leader: Rauf Ersenal

Vice President of the Project: Celal Dimililer

Art Curator: Şenol Özdevrim

Workshop Area Inspector: Hasan Cenap

Member: Nevin Nedda Halis

Member: Bedia Kale

Extra-Curricular Activies:

– Ceramic production according to modern understanding inspired by Vounous’ 5,000-year-old ceramic works, nature and stories

– Firing techniques and application of the ceramics of the Bronze Age red polished ceramics of the Mycenaean, Etruscan, Ancient Hellenistic, and Roman style ceramics.

– Application of Bronze melting and casting techniques in the primitive techniques.

– Workshop for glass bead making in the primitive technique.

– Workshop for preparing and application of lusterware.

– Firing Raku ceramics

– Academic proceedings

– Screening of the documentary “Seed” about the period

– Exhibition of the Products of the Workshops


– To revive and promote the ancient culture of Cyprus,

– To promote and develop interest in the sustainability of the cultural heritage of Cyprus,

– To create opportunities for young researchers to work and experience with experimental archaeology and professional ceramics experts,

– To discover the technique of reproduction of ancient ceramics and to promote its production


The Symposium welcomes all individuals who are devoted to the protection and sustaining of the historical and cultural heritage of Cyprus and willing to learn the techniques of production of the antique potteries of the island free of charge.


All workshops will begin at 17:00 PM and end at 22:00 in the evening. these hours may be extended on some nights for the firing of the ceramics in the ovens as the process will last until late at night

Friday, September 1, 2023 – 17.00-22.00 hrs

Final checks of the Symposium Area, elimination of deficiencies. Placement of tools and materials to be used in the Symposium Area.

First-day meeting with the artists and introducing the standing members

Information about the work to be done.

Selection of works to be produced.

Distribution of aprons and programme.

Artists start working in workshops.

Dinner will be held every evening from 20.00 to 20.30.

Saturday, September 2, 2023 – 17.00-22.00

The workshops will continue.

Sunday, September 3, 2023 – 17.00-22.00

The workshops will continue.

Early and Middle Bronze Ceramics Open Air Firing Application. For the fire, mudbrick blocks and thin branches will be used. After the firing is completed, it will be covered with brick tile and earth.

Monday, September 4, 2023 – 17.00-22.00

The workshops will continue.

Removal of ceramics baked the previous day.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023 – 17.00-22.00

The workshops will continue.

6 September 2023 Wednesday – 17.00-22.00

The workshops will continue.

Thursday, September 7, 2023 – 17.00-24.00

The workshops will continue.

Firing of the Etruscan style ceramics in a wood-burning oven

8 September 2023 Friday, 17.00-22.00

The workshops will continue.

Firing the replicas of the Mycenaean, Hellenistic and Roman Ceramics in a wood-burning oven.

Saturday, September 9, 2023, Opening Ceremony, 18.00-22.00

Workshops and burning of furnaces.

Preparation of the symposium area for the ceremony,

Organising the exhibits.

Guests are invited to visit the workshops and be introduced to the artists participating in the symposium

Opening Speeches

Accompanied by Simge’s voice and music performance, the cortege enter the area and the ignition of the Vounous Fire.

Making a visual demonstration by removing the fired sculpture from the oven and throwing sawdust on it as the last finishing process.

Farewell of the guests.

Sunday, September 10, 2023 – 17.00-22.00

The workshops will continue.

Monday, September 11, 2023 at

09.00- / Visiting the Mayor of Çatalköy Municipality by the guest artist.

10.00- Sight-seeing tour to Kyrenia Antique Harbour and Castle.

17.00-22.00 – The workshops will continue.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 – 17.00-22.00

The workshops will continue.

Time: 20.00: Screening the documentary SEED [TOHUM] and interview with the documentary’s Director Sevinç Baloğlu..

Wednesday, September 13, 2023 – 17.00-22.00

Application of lusterware under the tutoring of Prof. Dr. SEvim Çizer

Thursday, September 14, 2023 – 17.00-22.00

The workshops will continue.

Firing the lusterware ceramics in the ovens.

15 September 2023 Friday – 17.00-22.00

The workshops will continue.

Removing lusterware ceramics from the oven

Saturday, September 16, 2023 – 17.00-22.00

Closing Session.

Distributing the certificates to the participants and closing the Symposium.

List of Participants

1- Yazbahar Çetin Doğan (Türkiye)

2- Candan Önay (Türkiye)

3- Aydan Birdevrim (Türkiye)

4- Şenol Özdevrim

5- Emre Feyzoğlu (Türkiye)

6- Sevim Çizer (Türkiye)

7- Elisabeth Le Retif (Fransa)

8- Giovanna Fregni (ABD)

9- Luca Bedini (İtalya)

10- Elina Titane (Latvia)

11- Martha Cashman (İrlanda)

12- Sevinç Baloğlu (Türkiye)

13- Katharina Böttcher (Almanya)

14- Leman Cankat

15- Kezban Dolmacı

16- Şenol Özdevrim

17- Hasan Cenap

18- Celal Dimililer

19- Emel Bilge Berberoğlu

20- Yeliz Küçükçelebi Okur

21- Gülcan İlseven

22- Fatoş Sadrazam

23- Pervin Özgeçen

24- Fatin Zorlu Ramiz

25- Şirin Gazi

26- Halide Sheref

27- Hascen Doğan Esenyel

28- Sadiye İbretler

29- Evşen Emre

30- Osman Murabık

31- Cemile Ceren

32- Yasemin Atasel (Türkiye)

33- Fidan Kırmızıtaş

34- Rauf Ersenal

35- Gülçin Yaman

36- Derya Taşlı

37- Fatma İnci Taşlı

38- Havva Mazharoğlu

39- Gonca Akbudak Karacagil

40- Fatoş Sadrazam

41- Kezban Dolmacı

42- Hasan Kayıplar

43- Nevin Nedda Halis

44- Simge Akdoğdu

45- Semra Beyhanlı

46- Emel Bilge Berberoğlu

47- Hascen Doğan Esenyel

48- Gülcan Erçin

49- Halide Sheref

50- Neriman Soyumert

51- Çiler Doğahan

52- Alev Keskin

53- Mandana Mehrnia (İran)

54- Bedia Kale

55- Hasan Cenap

56- Celal Dimililer

57- Ergün Arda (Türkiye)

58- Fatin Ramiz

59- Fatma Özok

60- Leman Cankat

61- Sevcan Çerkez

62- Pervin Özgeçen

63- Zeka Mazhar

64- Yeliz Küçükçelebi Okur.

Note: There will be participants from 9 countries including North Cyprus. This list is not final, but it is expected to be an attendance of about 70 people.

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