September 23, 2023

Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul

A malfunction occurred in the motors at the Karakız Sewage Pumping Station. It is thought that the malfunction occurred due to the irregular power outages experienced in the region. Girne Municipality teams have been working for more than 24 hours to resolve the malfunction. It was stated that a pump from a different station will be taken to the Karakız Sewage Pump Station and installed there in order to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul made a statement about the malfunction at the Karakız Sewage Pump Station on his social media account.


Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul, stating that one of the backup motors also malfunctioned due to the malfunction that is thought to have occurred at the Karakız Sewage Pump Station due to power outages, announced that the Girne Municipality teams have been working to resolve the problem for more than 24 hours.

Şenkul, who stated that there is a possibility that the current pump may not be sufficient at times when the intensity increases at the station, noted that this means discharging wastewater into the sea.

Şenkul, who pointed out that it is necessary to share not only positive information but also negative developments of this type with the public, added that the teams will work to try to install a pump from another station to the Karakız Station in the evening.

Şenkul added the information that all of these stations will be renewed within a year and emphasized that they expect the UNDP tender, which is currently open and requires an investment of approximately 18-20 million TL, to be concluded at reasonable prices.

Şenkul, who said, “We are very sorry for the negative experience,” said, “We are paying the price for infrastructure investments that have been neglected for years, but we do not have the luxury of hiding behind the negatives. We know our job is difficult, but there is no giving up, waiting, or delaying. We will solve it…”

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality 19th August 2023

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