September 23, 2023

UNIFCYP try to stop the TRNC road building , picture shared by Turkish Cypriots Exist

By Chris Elliott….

UNIFCYP came to Cyprus in 1964 to keep the peace between the Turkish and Greek Cypriot people and have consistently shown they want the 2 communities to reunite despite the fact that successive Greek Cypriots governments (so called RoC) have rejected all UN peace plans and added to this the Recognition of the so-called RoC and rejection of the TRNC by the new kid on the block, the EU, and you have a recipe for an ongoing failure of reunification plans.

Now in the past few days, we have seen the UNIFCYP forces trying to stop the TRNC from building a short road to the mixed community village of Pile and using medieval hand-to-hand fighting methods to maintain their control which is a total failure of their peace mandate and they should now leave the island in total disgrace.   

The reaction of Turkish Cypriots people has been one of horror at the unjust and systematic bias of the UN forces towards the Turkish Cypriots and they have shared the following message worldwide to make their case known to those who expect the UN to act in fairness to both parties they are tasked to help and protect.  

“We as Turkish Cypriots Exist condemn the actions of the UN against Turkish Cypriots in Pile.

Each UN peacekeeping and special political mission has a Conduct and Discipline Team, they handle issues of misconduct by UN personnel in these missions.

Please copy the below text & send it to the form in the link here:

The text to copy and paste:

We express deep concern over the interference of UN personnel in the construction of a road by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a project undertaken within its own territory for reasons clearly articulated by our Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The principal intent behind this development is to create adequate living & travel conditions for the residents of Pile.

It is regrettable to witness acts of aggression by UN staff towards Turkish Cypriot police officers who were merely fulfilling their duties.

It is noteworthy that similar infrastructure developments initiated by the Greek side, connecting Pile to the south, went unobstructed by the UN indicating clear favouritism for the Greek administration against our people and our right to existence and basic human rights as advocated under the UN charter.

This inconsistency reflects a discernible clear bias in the UN’s operations in Cyprus.

We urge a fair and unbiased approach from an organization that pledges to maintain peace and harmony.

We as Turkish Cypriots advocate for a revaluation of the UN’s presence in Cyprus.”

Read the previous statement by the TRNC Foreign Ministry regarding the Pile road building project.

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8 thoughts on “The UNIFCYP mission in Cyprus has failed and they should now leave!

  1. The UN are not a governing body, they have no power to make laws. The UN have one duty…. Keep the peace!. They’ve clearly crossed the line. In this situation they have clearly shown a disrespect for the “Legal right” the TRNC have to build this road.
    The UN have shown themselves as aggressors, not peace keepers.

  2. The UN Secretary General, Suggested conference Building between the two communities in Cyprus to create a better understanding and better relationship.
    Yesterdays Actions by the United Nations, obviously inspired by the Roc, Being an Example of the Confidence that they are Prescribing, We Need None of It.
    As the United Nation personnel’s Actions?
    We Won’t None of them.
    Just like the Friendship offered by the Roc.
    We Don’t Want the One Sided Relationship that the UN has been Dispensing, Or their One Sided Strategy.
    They should Never Cross Our Borders of Our Country that they don’t Recognise and Respect, So We Don’t Recognise Their Every Thing.
    We have Nothing to Give so The Roc so they Should stop looking for Any Discussions.
    Only when they decide to accept the Two State Solution, do we wish to Talk to them.
    Without the Presence of Any Third Party, Not Even the Archbishop.

  3. The United Kingdom, the United States and France, as well as the United Nations Secretary General all condemned the actions of the Turkish Cypriots to change the status quo to their favour. Moreover the US issued an advisory to the US citizens not to visit Northern Cyprus until the tensions ease.

    Where does your patriotism lie Mr. Elliot? Which side are you taking?

    1. Clearly Jack London you do not want to understand or accept my point of view so I will leave it with other interesting readers to tell you what to do with your TROLL like comment

    2. The U.S. are known as worlds so called super powers, also known as your not telling us what to do!!. Blimey, they see one video of the Turkish people standing up for their rights and the super power retreats in to a corner. Oh of course, they hide behind a UN convoy when they want to be seen as the nice guy.

      1. Well said Graham its nice to get constructive and down to earth comments and thank God the comments from the Troll like people are few as they are unable to come up with any sensible comments …. Have a nice day

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