September 23, 2023

L to R Veysel and Abdullah Nakkaş together with their friend Rustem Usta

By Chris Elliott…..

I had been working hard training and preparing to take part in an archery competition on the 1st of August Communal Resistance Day in Değirmenlik and having prepared myself mentally for the occasion with my equipment fully checked and a new set of arrows for the occasion, I set off for a drive from the Girne area over the mountains to my destination.

Sadly problems were brewing and when I was over the mountains my car started to misfire and then stalled in not the best of places so there I sat thinking what do I do now and who can I call for help?

After a short wait, I tried to start my car again and it responded so I moved my location back up the road to the Başpınar Restaurant car park where it stalled again.

Now fate was kind to me as a passing car with 2 Turkish soldiers stopped and was quickly followed by a civilian who all gathered around my car talking to me and each other as best we could and on their phones to someone and taking what it seems were photos on their phones.

Clearly, they had other things to do and bidding me farewell, said “Mechanics are coming soon”!

Sure enough a short while after a car arrived with two guys who had brought a large bottle full of water and poured it into the system then showed me that it was leaking badly lower down in the system and said they would get the parts and return in the morning and repair it in the car park so one problem being solved but how do I get back to my home.

No problem they said we will take you so I loaded my archery equipment into their car and they brought me home.

Now despite the language difficulties, we had established communications via WhatsApp combined with Google translate and the following day I was at home publishing news and reviews on CyprusScene when I started to get messages plus a photo shown here.

The main problem was apart from rubber hoses that needed replacing they also had to replace two aluminum connectors which were so badly corroded they had started to develop small holes and that’s where the leaking problem had been developing.

We agreed to the price and they said when will you come? Problem, says I, so they said no problem we will bring your car back to you which they did some while later.  

When they arrived in a convoy of two cars there were brothers Abdullah and Veysel Nakkaş together with their friend Rustem Usta and after being refreshed with a cool drink they showed me the repairs they had made and gave me advice on avoiding similar problems they departed with big smiles.

What an amazing experience from such wonderful people who reached out to help no matter what and this is very much part of their culture to help others so if any other local motorist needing help in the Değirmenlik, Minarelikoy area,  please contact  Abdullah  Nakkaş on 0542 878 4499.

Thank you again to all my new friends for your help and kindness which was very much appreciated and will not be forgotten.     

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