September 23, 2023

President Tatar: “We call upon the international community and the US to acknowledge our inherent rights and new policy for a settlement that is practical, fair and sustainable, on the basis of two States in Cyprus”

President Ersin Tatar has held a meeting with Republican US Congressman Pete Sessions where the two exchanged views with regards to the Cyprus issue.

Mr Sessions, who is visiting the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus through Ercan Airport upon the invitation of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (TCCC), visited the President together with his host, TCCC President Turgay Deniz.

Also attending the meeting were Special Representative of the President, M. Ergün Olgun and Advisor for Legal Affairs, Sülen Karabacak.

Speaking during the meeting, President Tatar called upon the international community and the US to “recognise our new policy that is based on two States and the sovereign equality and equal international status of the Turkish Cypriot Side,” adding that “this basis will provide for a practical, fair and sustainable settlement not only for the two equal Sides in Cyprus but also for the Eastern Mediterranean region”.

President Tatar explained that “negotiations for more than half a century on the federal basis have been exhausted because of the Greek Cypriot mentality that sees Cyprus as a Hellenic Island,” and added that “we are saying that the time has come to open a new page in Cyprus, and to look ahead with hope,  where the two Peoples – the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots – coexist as good neighbours in a cooperative relationship. There needs to be a fresh new approach when looking at how we can settle the Cyprus issue, rather than insisting on the same dead-end route of a federal based negotiation which has always been flatly rejected by the Greek Cypriot Side – most notably in the UN Comprehensive Settlement [Annan] Plan of 2004, and again in Crans-Montana in 2017”.

President Tatar added: “Due to the unjust isolation on the Turkish Cypriot People, we cannot have direct trade and direct flights. Our People are resilient and are hard working. Despite these restrictions, we have managed to develop our economy and numerous sectors from tourism to construction, from higher education to agriculture. . .with the goal of offering our young people a better future.”

Stating that Turkish Cypriot People are a different people because they have their own culture, language, religion, history and expectations, President Tatar underlined that the island of Cyprus is located in a geostrategic region, just 40 miles from Motherland Türkiye.    

Emphasising that the 1960 partnership Republic of Cyprus had been established on the basis of equality between the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, President Tatar said: “This partnership republic however was destroyed three years later, when Greek Cypriots expulsed Turkish Cypriots out of the state apparatus by force of arms. The Greek-Greek Cypriot duo staged island-wide attacks on Turkish villages from 1963 to 1974, as part of the aspiration to unite Cyprus with Greece (ENOSIS). In July 1974, a coup d’état was staged by the Greek Junta and the ‘Hellenic Republic of Cyprus’ was proclaimed. Türkiye exercised her obligation under international treaties and undertook the Cyprus Peace Operation, which brought peace to  the island and stopped the bloodshed and atrocities.”

President Tatar explained that the Turkish Cypriot People “have been administering themselves since 1963, and this administration has evolved into the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – a sovereign and democratic Republic established in 1983”.
“We are ready for a settlement however this has to be practical, fair and sustainable,” President Tatar continued. “In order to reach this goal, the basis of the settlement needs to be based on two States. We want this for peace to be sustained for a better Cyprus for all – not only for Turkish Cypriots, Greek Cypriots, Türkiye and Greece, but for all interest powers who want to see stability in our region.”

Congressman Sessions stated that he is very happy to now be visiting the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, after having previously visited the Greek Cypriot side, expressing his interest in hearing more about the new Turkish Cypriot vision regarding the Cyprus issue. The Congressman added that he believes in the importance of respecting the people of this island on both Sides, and that an agreement can only be reached through reasonable people and great leadership.


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2 thoughts on “President Ersin Tatar holds meeting with US Congressman Pete Sessions

  1. We have to keep Pegging along.
    Make Everyone Welcome and happy to being with us.
    Soon we hope, but hopefully in my Lifetime.

  2. …in the Modern world, ‘we’ are Individuals. As equals our commitment is to defend our Basic Human Rights: the values, and the Universal Principles which define the Freedom everyone should be enjoying.

    …and of Liberty, is it not as Persons that the same Goodwill in Goodfaith is extended to the minorities that live among “us”, the same trust and respect, by recognising and providing for “their” special needs, as well?

    Mr. Tatar does not see things this way i think, representing ”Turkishness” alone.

    …what is the Problem?

    As a Cypriot, i acknowledge as a State the Republic’s existence (and its need for reform). I also acknowledge that Turkish Cypriots as a Constituency seek an equality as equals among the Cypriot Constituencies; i ask therefore: where is the Greek Constituency, (and others)?

    …what is a BBF?

    The EU is an example; so too Canada, or the USA (the very first).

    Indeed the Problem in Ukraine, and in Turkey as well could be solved with such better intentions.

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