September 30, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

We have always tried to use various means of publishing to share news and reviews from Northern Cyprus and way back in 2021 we became aware that our WordPress articles could be shared with Anchor Podcasts where, through its inbuilt system it was possible to convert our post into a podcast which we could publish and it would then be shared with a number of other podcast channels expanding our news and reviews outreach.

Sadly early this year Anchor which was combined with Spotify decided to no longer allow WordPress to share individual accounts posts over ready for conversion into an audio file and published as a podcast.

The good news was the many podcasts which had been previously shared in their respective Anchor/Spotify channels were maintained plus in addition to uploading and sharing new audio files direct for publishing as podcasts a new provision had been made to allow videos to be uploaded and published in the Spotify channels which were then converted into audio podcasts and shared with other podcast channels that account holders had nominated.

More good news for CyprusScene was that we are now able to share the video interviews we had been making on our Spotify channel and then audio podcasts of the videos were then shared on the other podcast channels we had nominated.

The bad news was that we had now needed to use a text-to-audio application to convert our WordPress text into an audio file which we then uploaded to our Spotify channel where it would be published as a podcast and shared with the other channels we had nominated. This entails more work for us and increased production costs.

There are no free meals in this life and CyprusScene is my non-commercial media venture which I have had to fund the various media publishing costs involved and we now ask our followers who like and support us to help by making a donation to our Buy me a Coffee campaign as under which helps in some small way to cover the ever-increasing media production costs we face.

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If you like CyprusScene news and reviews your support will be much appreciated by Buying a Coffee which will help with our production costs. Thank you

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