September 23, 2023

Hello, my friends my name is Chris Elliott looking at the events in Russia and the Ukraine, and at times it’s hard to accept the news being broadcasted and clearly, there are a  lot of lies and misinformation being circulated to gain advantages.  

This is not uncommon in politics and we only have to look at the history of the Cyprus Issue to see Greece and Greek Cypriots breaking the Cyprus Agreement and forcing the Turkish Cypriots from the then, Cyprus Government and pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing which has been so well documented.

Now Great Britain as the former administrator of the island and one of the guarantors of the Cyprus Agreement quietly sat on their hands and watched things worsen over the years. 

The UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus established in 1964 to prevent further fighting between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities and bring about a return to normal conditions has achieved very little other than to continue with an insistence that a settlement between the two sides be a Bizonal, Bicommunal Federation.

The mission’s responsibilities expanded in 1974, following a coup d’état by elements favouring union with Greece, but despite the UN presence as peacekeepers, nothing changed until Turkey as the third guarantor of the Cyprus Agreement intervened to stop further bloodshed in 1974 and the so-called Republic of Cyprus with a Greek Cypriot administration still existed and they have convinced the US, UN, UK, the EU, and the world that they have the sole right to the governance of Cyprus to this very day. 

In a recent meeting in Northern Cyprus, the British High Commissioner to Cyprus, Irfan Siddiq OBE claimed to the anger of British expats that Turkey had grabbed land in their second peacekeeping operation in 1974.

He did not mention the Turkish Forces on the mission to stop the bloodshed reached Larnaca and the south coast of the island but then they withdrew to another peacekeeping defence line. Does that sound like land grabbing?

Its worth noting the 2 UK sovereign bases were divided by the Turkish Peace operation but were re-united after the Turkish military withdrawal from between them.

I find it most puzzling why Great Britain/UK has not lived up to their responsibility to help both the Turkish and Greek Cypriots other than to insist the 2 groups must unite under the RoC administration which was a deviation from the original Cyprus Agreement overseen by them the British. 

When the UK government or MPs are questioned on the need for change and a fair approach for those in Northern Cyprus (TRNC) they quickly talk about Red Lines that cannot be crossed and clearly, they have not and will not review the historical facts other than insist the problems were started by Turkey in 1974 but did they? 

Looking back at Cyprus History, we see Great Britain leased the island from the Ottomans and all was well until the Ottomans decided to be a partner of the Germans in the First World War, and the island of Cyprus was then annexed by the British. 

Following this, the British and allies led by the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill tried to invade Gallipoli in Turkey and after lengthy fighting, they were forced to withdraw with very heavy losses on both sides. 

Could it be that the Ottoman/Turkish Cypriots of Cyprus at that time had their future cards marked as not being given fair treatment in the future by the British?

Perhaps, some very interesting old documents may be found in the British archives in London that could clarify this and with a list of UK governments as long as your arm who really knows the truth or is it a case of not wanting to be first to rock the boat? 

There we have it, why did successive UK governments sit on their hands and allowed the high jacking of the government control of Cyprus at the expense of Turkish Cypriots and others all who live or visit the TRNC?

Of the Cyprus Issue, this is no more than a House of Cards supporting the so-called RoC and if the UK is pulled out, the pile of cards will collapse.

Thank you my friends do have a good week and stay safe and healthy

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2 thoughts on “Why does the UK not recognise the TRNC and Turkish Cypriots

  1. It’s “Ukraine”, not “the Ukraine”. And it’s not a situation in Russia and Ukraine, it’s a situation that is happening within Ukraine, courtesy of Russia. And that “situation” is called a war. An invasion. An act of aggression.

    If you carefully chose to omit this fact, you cannot be angry at the UK government also closing it’s eyes to certain realities on the ground.

  2. Thank you Chris , a very interesting and Timely article.
    History has shown us how much it is prepared to Disguise, or deliberately hide the truth.

    I am in the Opinion that the British Affinity of anything related even to the Name that they past on the the Country of their Creation has Ruts in the Education choice of their Upper Classes for their children to be abounded into.
    Eaton, Harrow Etc, Etc. Where the history of the geographically located area was named Greece.

    Ignoring that no such Country ever existed and only a multi City and Island Kingdoms, that always looked for any Excuse to go to War with each another that often was An Invitation for others to join in.

    But A Hellenic Culture did exist and it separated them from the Other Serb Oriented Countries.

    A Culture that was always Permissive towards close relationships amongst Sexuality between Similars which was Against the Acceptable of the British Society of the period.

    So with the Historical knowledge of the Greek Culture’s Tolerance, Two Young People, Byron and his close friend Shelly looking at the map of the Region, Realised that With Their personal efforts and the British Searching for Adventure and Conquest’s they could actually create the permissive Paradise for their Alike.

    And Yes they were able to achieve their dream of a State Called Greece , But they have never been A Hero of the People of the State of their Creation.

    But the Fondness of Anything Greek among the British Upper has never Faded,
    Their Territorial gifts by the British has never been Short Cummings, the Northern Territory of the Peninsula was at the Expense of many others, as well as the Aegean Islands and being given the Permission to Take any part of Anatolia after the First World War, followed by the preferred treatment of the Locals in the A-next Island of Cyprus for the following of the Orthodox Church for no other reasons than being the same as the mainland Greeks , although having no relation with the mainlanders created a reason for the Rum to feel the Superior of the Islamic Turks when for more than 300 years ware both the Equal Citizens of the Ottoman Empire.

    So the Article above and the History Below Should be considered complimentary or just something to consider on a warm Sunday morning, thinking What might have been, Instead??

    My Thanks to Chris for lighting my Candle.

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