September 23, 2023

Introduction by Chris Elliott….

We all need to get away sometimes for a holiday and have a change in our lives and I asked my friend Nick who had just come back to the TRNC from a holiday in Moldova what it was like and he said:

“Hi Chris,

It actually turned out to be in the breakaway so-called Republic of Transdniestria I went from one place that doesn’t officially exist to another!

I never heard a word of English spoken all the time as everyone only spoke Russian. The house was in a little village of about 300 mainly old people, quite poor but spotlessly clean as everywhere was.

I lived very well on fresh milk, cheese, butter, eggs, and delicious honey that I got from neighbours but the downside there was there was no running water, kitchen, bathroom, or toilet.

I got water from the well in buckets, the shower was a tin shed across the yard and the toilet was a hole in the ground with a shed on top about 100 yards away. My immediate neighbour was an old Babushka who lived nearer my loo than I did!

Once I got sorted, I had a proper chill mainly reading, going on walks, and lots of sleeping. It was hard work in the beginning and gave an insight into how people lived in years gone by.



I have had a very testing 18 months in my life and desperately need a holiday now and will take one soon away from my home in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus where I think I will be hard-pressed to find the same level of mod cons or not, that Nick experienced on his holiday.

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