September 30, 2023

LOBBY CAMPAIGN – Statement by the BRS Lobbying Campaign 9/7/23

Statement on the open meeting with His Excellency, Irfan Saddiq, British High Commissioner

Firstly, we would like to put on record our thanks to the British High Commissioner for agreeing to meet with the British population who choose to reside in the TRNC.

The meeting re-affirmed the passion people hold for the Cyprus issue, and certainly from the British perspective, the injustices they feel placed upon Northern Cyprus.  It also highlighted that still, after over 70 years, there are widespread differences and interpretations of significant historical events as to what happened when, who did what to whom, and why and why Turkish Cypriots have suffered the consequences from ill-informed or ignorant governments, states, and unions.  This is evidenced by the ‘land grab’ statement and the confusion over the 1960 Constitution statement along with the subsequent denial statement by the BHC and the FCDO.

If His Excellency’s comments are representative of those of the current British Government, we find it astounding that as a country of global significance, a country that proposes free and fair values, and more significantly a Guarantor Power of Cyprus, lacks the foresight to help alleviate any humanitarian injustices simply because of tired, out-dated UN resolutions.

In terms of His Excellency’s comment ‘good luck with that’ referencing the BRS lobbying campaign, we found the comment somewhat sarcastically relayed rather than any genuine encouragement.  Not very diplomatic from a diplomat!  Our response is that ‘it is not luck that we need, it is the British Government to treat us equally and fairly and with respect by listening to how we have been discriminated against for over 50 years’.

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